News from the New Friendship & Mifflin Communities of Chester County


with Vickie Ellis

Hello to all!
We are entering the last week of September, and fall is officially here. YAY! Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day with beautiful sunshine, outstanding blue skies and white puffy clouds. Blessings abound! Thank You, God, for another day of life, and I pray that I make a difference somehow in some way in Your name. I know there are some cold natured folks out there, but I absolutely adored the cooler weather. I always say, “People can wrap up a lot, but you can’t take off enough (in public anyway).” Our flowers are continuing to make us happy, and we still have an occasional hummer. We have also had a few different birds frequenting our feeders. James is out and about searching for wild muscadines. We planted some, and they were very productive, but he has to build a new arbor. I must say the wild ones are very large and smell delightful. The acres have been mowed once again, and the yard looks pretty. Now, it is on to pressure washing the house and painting the front porch banisters. After that, the last big project is to trim bushes, and the rest should be downhill from there. Time will tell.
Deer season is open for archery season until Oct. 3o. Young sportsman is Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, muzzleloader and archery is Nov. 7-20 and gun/muzzleloader is Nov. 21 through Jan. 3, 2022 if my information is correct and/or I read it correctly. I love to watch wildlife, but there are those who can only eat wild game. Also, with the price of groceries and other things going up, it helps the budget, and that is if one can even have a budget nowadays.
The COVID devastation continues. People are continuing to fight for their rights, and I do not blame them. We had our vaccines but waited a while to do that, yet the Delta variant is breaking through and sickness continues. I still believe in masks when in crowds and social distancing. Question: football season is going strong, and the stadiums are packed, but those states do not seem to be worse off for it – what is up with that? Poor reporting? Be sure and wash your hands or use antibacterial gel after being in any store or pumping gas. Stay safe if you can. Pray God puts an end to all this pandemic. I heard on the news, barring another variant, it looks as if spring will be the changeover. I also pray we have a light flu season. We will probably get our flu shots the first week or two in October.
I hope the Barbeque festival was a BIG success. All this beautiful weather had to be a benefit.
Happy birthday to Benjamin Brewer, Jeff Weir, and Donna Dickey, 9-27; Elaine Bozza and Jeff Smith, 9-28; Kenneth Maness and Clint Barham, 9-29; Kyle Cupples, 9-30; Madison Seaton, 10-1; and Brianne Matheney, 10-2.
Happy anniversary to Teresa and Tom Gaugh, 9-28.
Please continue to remember these in prayer: Chelsey Baker, Randy Baker, Sheila Berry, Charlie Brewer, Robert and Joyce Brewer, J.T. and Jeanette Butler, Jackie Chambers, Nancy McCaskill, Sarah McLemore, LaVelle Page, Pam Priddy, Jesse Pugh, Todd Rencher, Doris Rowlett, Dwain Seaton, Jr., Randy Sells, Jeff Thomas, David Tucker, Tony Tucker, and Adam Wise. Also, please pray for our military, law enforcement, our country and its leaders, those affected by COVID and first responders. There are many sick and hurting. Please say a prayer for those; even if you do not know their name, God does. Prayer is not an obligation; it is the greatest privilege we have. Pray yourself through each day. 
“Dwell” by Diane Ranker Riesen – “Can we talk a little of the beauty all around/Can we just appreciate how miracles abound/We always seem to dwell on what we want, or how we feel/but, God sends us proof of Heaven and how it’s really real/Earth is hard, and days stretch long/and some hours cause such pain/but, one day each of us who love/will never hurt again/Embrace God’s gift with gratitude and thank Him every day/Turn your eyes to all the gifts He offers on our way/If we can really concentrate on everything that’s ‘good’/our days will be more comforting; and help us as they should/Let’s promise to remember – let’s never go astray/from all that God is offering us…to bring us peace each day/and then we’ll have more power, more strength, more Faith, and love/to keep us better comforted down ‘here’/till we’re ‘ABOVE’.”
I pray you all have a wonderful week, and may it be filled with love, joy, peace and blessings. Remember: if you have news, please email me at I would truly appreciate any news. People from here and those who have moved from our area but still want to keep in touch through the newspaper are hungry for news from home. Until next week, Happy Trails to You.


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