News from Jacks Creek Elementary School


By: Becky Hartle

It has been a wonderful week here at Jacks Creek Elementary School as it has officially turned into the fall season!
Kindergarteners are learning new sounds and spellings every day! We can blend sounds to make words, and we have been busy bees working on writing our names and making all kinds of lines. In math we are counting forwards and backward to 10. We also have been concentrating on sorting by color and shape and telling how many are in each group. This week, we learned about our five senses and how they help us explore the world around us.
We have had a wonderful week in first grade! We learned all about the human body. We learned about the muscular, digestive and circulatory systems in our body. We read more stories in “Snap Shots” and learned about question words such as where, why, when, which, who and what. We read a book doing things to help our friends feel better and wrote about how we could help our friends when they are feeling down. In math we worked on adding and subtracting word problems using counters, drawings and equations. 
In second grade we have been taking our first CASE test for this school year. We tested on Reading Comprehension, Listening, Fluency, Grammar, Writing and Math. We are going to be working hard to show how much we learn during the months of October, November and December when we take our next test before Christmas break. In math classes we are still working on addition with and without regrouping. In ELA we are working with long vowels, reading comprehension and sentence writing. We are loving the fall season!
In third grade we learned about context clues and used these strategies to help us determine the meanings of vocabulary words in our text about birds. We also started our informational writing unit, and we even got to pick an animal to research and write an informative report. Ask me what fun facts I have learned about animals this week. In math we reviewed and tested our multiplication skills on factor number three. Next week, we will test on factor number four. This week, we discussed fact families and how multiplication facts help us solve division problems.
Our Beekeeper of the Week goes to Lily McClellan, who says her favorite book is “Junie B. Jones” and her favorite food is pizza. We are proud to have this student shine brightly at our school! Our Staff Beekeeper of the Week goes to Charity Cook. Her favorite book is the Bible, and her favorite food is homemade tacos! We appreciate all that she does as one of our second grade teachers!
PSO Membership Drive was a huge success with over 900 members joining this year! We are thankful for our family and community who invest in Jack’s Creek Elementary students, faculty and staff. Top students turning in the most memberships were: first place – Baylynn Graham, second place – Gunner Reed and third place – Luke Verduzco 
JCES is a Title 1 School. What does that mean? Title 1 funds are used to support all our students (ex. purchasing educational materials and supplies, provide funds for supplemental staff and training, family engagement activities, etc.) Our goal is to see every student grow and succeed at JCES! If you are interested in learning more about Title 1, please feel free to reach out to the school office.
Are You Connected? JCES uses the Remind App to communicate information to parents. If you have not joined or if you have changed phone numbers, please text @ccsdces to 81010.
Looking Ahead:
Oct. 4 – Nine Weeks Ends
Oct. 7 – Parent/Teacher Conferences and Report Card Day
Oct. 8-18 – Fall Break
Nov. 11 – Progress Reports