Tax bill to include new solid waste fee


Your 2021 tax bill will include a new solid waste disposal fee in the amount of $84 annually. The Property Assessor’s office is not responsible for this fee. The Property Assessor’s office is charged with assuring you have a fair and equitable property appraisal.
No data was obtained from our office due to the scope of our assessment process. The responsibility of the Property Assessor’s office is to assess all structures, whether trash producing or not. Statute requires exceptions for movable structures 300 square feet or less. Our office cannot determine if a property is trash producing. For these reasons, our data would not be beneficial in implementing the solid waste disposal fee.
Will our office be able to help you avoid the fee? The answer is no. Tennessee law does not allow for the removal of dwellings from the assessment rolls simply to avoid the fee. Combining parcels will not reduce the number of fees placed on dwellings on your property.
For more information regarding the solid waste disposal fee go to
As always, our office is here to help answer any questions you may have regarding your property appraisal.


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