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Maggie Smith became East Chester’s first One Million Word Reader! Maggie is a second grader in Mrs. Becky Welch’s class.

By: Kim Murphy

We have so many amazing things going on at East Chester Elementary School! We took our CASE assessment (a test that is a predictor of TNReady achievement), and our kids showed out! We are always so proud of our East Chester students! 
East Chester has its first ONE MILLION word reader of the school year! Maggie Smith is a second grader in Mrs. Becky Welch’s class. She is the daughter of Charlie and Ashley Smith. Way to go, Maggie! 
In kindergarten the students are learning so much! The students are reviewing all 16 letters that have been learned so far. They are practicing reading and writing words with those letters. The students are still focusing on decomposing the number five in math. They are learning that five can be composed of 4+1, 2+3, and 0+5. The students are learning about maps and our place in the world.
First graders are showing what they know every day! In reading the students are reading stories such as “A Father and His Son in Mesopotamia,” “Writing in Mesopotamia” and “Babylon.” The students are learning about geometry in math. 
The second graders are learning and growing here at East Chester! The students are reading tall tales about John Henry and Casey Jones. They are learning that the characters were real men, but their stories became exaggerated over time. The students will choose a tall tale to retell through writing. In math they are learning how to compare three-digit numbers using the greater than, less than and equal to symbols. 
In third grade the students are moving right along! The students are reading about animal classification in reading class. They are learning about warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals. Third graders are still working on multiplication and division in math. 
Just a reminder that Fall Break is next week! The students are out of school Oct. 8-18. The students will return on Oct. 19. 
As always it is a great day to be at East Chester Elementary School! 


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