Chester County Junior High School Eagles crush the Lions’ pride


Filled with rain and last minute cancellations, the CCJHS Eagles’ football season came to a memorable and strong finish against the Oakland West Lions.
The defensive line formed a strong wall against the Oakland offense, and the opposing team never crossed the 50-yard line.
If the Lions thought that the offense would be easy to hold, they were sadly mistaken.
Quarterback Ethan Burks, with help from Jaden Weaver, Gavin Moody, and other offensive players, quickly put the Eagles on the board.
The touchdowns continued coming with relentless power. 
When the sun went down, and the Eagles’ score kept going up, the coaches made the decision to put in the Junior Varsity squad. The only change was the name of the players. The Eagles’ JV defense held the Lions, and the Eagles’ JV offense, with quarterback Lane Estes, pushed forward with Braylin Robinson leading the way with two touchdowns that looked more like a fifty yard dash competition than a football game. With a final score of 48-0, the Eagles were excited to play a full JV game following the Varsity game.
However, when the Lions abruptly walked off of the field, the Eagles had their final team meeting and pep chant. 
CCJHS Football Head Coach Chad Hanna stated, “We had a lot of our players step into starting roles for the first time this year. Our eighth graders will be sorely missed, and we could not be more proud of every one of our players.” The CCJHS Eagles’ players now prepare for the upcoming basketball and baseball season where they will continue displaying their G.R.I.T. – Get Results.
In It Together – on every court and field.