News from East Chester Elementary School


By: Kim Murphy

October is flying by here at East Chester Elementary School! Time flies when you are too busy learning and growing to notice! 
In kindergarten the students are rocking out with their learning. The students have been reviewing the letters that they have learned so far and are getting ready for the next four letters: Bb, Ll, Rr, Uu. They will use these letters to read and make words. After fall break, the students will begin learning about the number six. They will learn how to recognize and count using that number. The students will also begin their unit on shapes. So much learning to look forward to! 
First graders are learning more and more each day! The students have been reading about the moon. They read “Papa Get the Moon For Me” and “The Moon Book.” The students are learning about Egypt and the people of Egypt in CKLA Knowledge by reading “People in Egypt,” “Egyptian Leaders” and “Writing in Egypt.” In math the students have been learning about 3D shapes.
In second grade the students are really showing what they know! In reading class the students have been working on writing their own tall tales. They have been reading tall tales for the past few weeks. These versions may be the best tall tales yet! The students have been learning how to compare three-digit numbers using greater than, less than and equal to symbols. 
East Chester’s third graders are working harder and smarter! In reading class the students have been learning how to classify fish. They have been working on sorting fish by warm-blooded or cold-blooded and vertebrates and invertebrates. If you see a third grader, be sure to ask them what they have learned about animal classification so far! Third graders have been working on ways to multiply and divide. This is always a student favorite! 
We have a few upcoming events that need to be on your calendar! We will be having our Parent Involvement on Oct. 21. Our Literacy Luau will begin at 5:30 p.m., so find your favorite Hawaiian shirt and join us for a night of reading fun! Fall Fun Day will be Oct. 29. This will be a fun day of school filled with activities and fun learning! 
As always, it is a great day to be at East Chester Elementary School!