By: Leah Repp

The CCHS HOSA club started off this year raising money through Charleston wrap products. The top three students who raised the most money were offered the following rewards: first place $100, second place $75, and third place $50. Coming in first place Brooklyn Butler, Sophomore, sold $1,013 worth of products! Second place went to Sydney Martin, Senior, who sold $530! And third place went to Aubrey Hornsby who sold $521! Although there were only three cash prizes, another reward was offered to any member of HOSA managing to sell more than $250. Fifty students qualified for this trip and will have the opportunity to take the day off from classes and attend a field trip to the Memphis Zoo. The CCHS HOSA club also had Lifeline visit our school and collect blood donations. Many of our students and staff were beyond happy and generous enough to help. Throughout the day we had one bus, 80 people attempted, and 56 were successful! October 21 our emergency preparedness team will have an earthquake drill to represent the proper procedure to take in the instance of an actual earthquake. Moving forward through this year our HOSA members will be preparing for the upcoming HOSA competitions. We can’t wait to see what great things our students accomplish this year!