Tennessee Schools’ State report card available online


Steven Marise, instructional technology, testing, and safety coordinator of Chester County Schools, presented directions to access the Chester County schools’ state report card during the Chester County Board of Education meeting on October 21.
To access it, one enters in the link https://reportcard.tnedu.gov/ and search for the specific school of Chester County or search for the district by your location.
The report card shows that Chester County Schools are doing better than the state average in a variety of categories.
A few notable Chester County Schools statistics are:
-Chester County Schools’ graduation rate of 96.1 is greater than the state’s average of 89.6.
-Chester County Schools’ success rate of 37.9 is greater than the state’s average of 27.8.
-Chester County Schools’ ready to graduate rate of 55.2 is much greater than the state’s average of 40.5.
Visit the https://reportcard.tnedu.gov/ to see more Chester County Schools statistics.
During the meeting, the board approved a recommendation from the policy subcommittee of revisions to the CCBOE Policy Manual and a recommendation for board approval of the 2021-22 LEA Compliance Report.
There was no action taken when the additional offer of property from the Arendall/West family was discussed.
The next Chester County Board of Education meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday, November 18, 2021 at West Chester Elementary School.