Chester County meeting announces grants and change of Solid Waste leadership

CC Trustee Lance Beshires addresses the Commission concerning reactions to the Solid Waste Fee at Monday night’s board meeting.

During Trustee reports of the Chester County Commission meeting Monday night, Chester County Lance Beshires addressed the commission about Facebook posts made by “community leaders” that had “dissent in county government.”
After questions by commissioner Jackie Butler were made to Beshires about the fee, clarity about it was given.
Not paying the fee will result in the same consequences in not paying taxes, and if one pays $100 first toward their taxes, $84 will be put toward the solid waste fee first. In other words, the Solid Waste fee will be taken out before anything else.
Danny Benard, former Chester County Solid Waste Director commended Beshires on his efforts and stated how he did not understand the complaints about the $84 Solid Waste fee.
“I hate you have to go through all this but you are saving the county money,” Benard said to Beshires. “I know $7 is $7 but if you’re on the bottom of the totem pole making minimum wage … it’s less than an hour to make that.”
Commissioner Kevin Faulkner stated the problem is that it is “tax after tax after tax.”
Chester County Schools, the highway department, and County General, Solid Waste, library, drug fund and debt service fund budget amendments were approved.
The Chester County Library Director Savannah Gilbert announced their reports. See page 10-A of this edition of the Independent for all of the library updates. You can also find the information on the Chester County Library website.
Mayor Barry Hutcherson announced on behalf of Chester County Fire that they received a $8,915 grant from Southwest Electric.
The Amending and Rescinding current Chester County Zoning Regulations and Definitions was approved.
The resolution to change speed limit signs on Beene, Knuckles, Deerwood and Talley Store Roads was approved.
The adoption of the new redistricting plan was approved.
Hutcherson announced the new Fairgrounds Advisory board which includes: Steve Rickman, Neal Smith, Loran Newton, Ann Moore and John Moore.
The commission allowed Benard the opportunity to have final remarks as he leaves the position of Chester County Solid Waste Director.
“I want to thank the commissioners for working with me over the years…Ya’ll have been good to me over the years.”
He announced Amber Greene will be taking the position over.
“She’s got experience. She has a passion for solid waste, and I hope you continue to work with her.”
Everyone then applauded him for his service.
At the end of the meeting, community member Marles Flowers spoke to the commission and stated that he would like to speak with the District Five on inclusion.
Following the meeting, the Chester County Beer Board met and approved the sale of packaged beer at 120550 State Route 100 West.