Henderson City board discusses power line relocation


Henderson Mayor Bobby King and the city aldermen met last week on November 18.
It was discussed that a little over $32,000 is needed to relocate electric lines on the TIFF Hotel site to Eric Bell Drive. Southwest Electric will be covering about half of the cost. The city will be covering about a fourth of it. The last fourth of the cost will be covered by the county pending the county’s approval.
During the city meeting, the Henderson Mayor and Board of aldermen accepted bids on the demolition and removal of the structures of the properties at 419 Harmon Street and 423 Harmon Street. The demolition of the property of 126 Whitley Avenue will be handled by the property owner.
The Board also approved to replace two natural gas valves at an approximate cost of $7,000.
Consideration of the Henderson Fire Department to apply for two AFG Grant Applications was approved along with agreeing to fund the local match on the grants.


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