News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“The memories of that intense feeling of love washes over me.”
So many lives lost this year. It saddens me as I record names in my spiral notebook. Our community expresses sympathy to all, but I list eight the week of Nov. 12 to Nov. 20. (1) Samuel Donald Robison (6-30-48 to 11-15-21) – New Friendship; (2) Doris Nell Mooney Sells (1-4-39 to 11-12-21) – New Friendship. Doris’s smile reached not only her own eyes but those seeing the smile found it very catching. She was the salutatorian of Chester County High School in 1957. We enjoyed seeing her work with Bobby at the Jacks Creek BBQ pit; they worked well together. They had very nice children. (3) Dennis Howard Gatewood (6-30-51 to 11-16-21), brother of Arlene Hill, Palmerville, – Wesley Chapel Church Cemetery; (4) Catherine “Katie” May Diaz Hornbeak (11-23-84 to 11-20-21) was a cashier at Cash Saver’s. That welcoming smile was warm to customers and staff – Memorial Nov. 27; (5) Jo Marie Holmes (8-30-37 to 11-20-21) – Rocky Knob in Finger; (6) Gary Mark Hyatt (9-12-63 to 11-19-21) best friend of Byron Holmes (I can understand that) – Memorial; (7) Timothy “Tim” Alan Landers (3-22-67 to 11-18-21) – Deanburg Cemetery; and (8) Frances Gail Colbert Durbin (4-24-36- 11-18-21) widow of Bobby and mother to sweet kids – Ken, Brenda, Rhonda, Connie and Scarlett. Patsy Denton and I taught at Jacks Creek in the 1970s while they were attending. Gail’s sister, Virginia C. Maness, was married at one time to Cousin Marvin Maness. My mother loved Virginia and would visit her in Trenton. They enjoyed lunch and nurse talk. I was entertained by my all male cousins. Later the little daughter would appear and become special to all.
Also, keep Prince Charles Malone and Andy and Doris Maness on your prayer list. The move was a big change for the Maness couple; a change of doctors is startling, too, plus learning new residents and places to walk, too. Our cousin, Betty Parrish Haggard, needs your prayers, too. I will see her this week and ask permission to share her address. Andy checks his mailbox often. He enjoys hearing from home. Here is their address for your notebook. Andy and Doris Maness/ Apartment 213/ 950 Cherry Road/ Memphis 38117
SOMEONE CARES IN 2021 – Two groups to be acknowledged for observing veterans — (1) Southern Oaks Assisted Living delivered small gift bags for all attending the Veterans program. It contained a miniature soldier, flag sticker and a strip of paper with precious words for thought, “Please take a soldier home and place it somewhere that will remind you to pray for those who serve our country. God bless our soldiers.” and (2) Cash Saver’s Grocery gave each veterana nice sack of every day grocery items. (Gloria Holiday gave phrase in last week’s City News). I also appreciated her recognizing me, too. Dot Patterson (Hickory Corner writer) was beautiful in her patriotic outfit. I saw many wearing those great colors. Thanks!
Dr. Ricky Catlett had taken over the honor of preparing a meal for Veterans at CCHS after he found out they had only been recognized twice with a meal since the war ended, but since Dr. Ricky left Chester County, veterans do not have that special attention anymore. Perhaps I will ask groups or churches to help plan a meal at the Senior Center, or CCHS may decide to follow Dr. Ricky’s footsteps. Any suggestions? Call me 989-7485.
The Veterans Program was very good at City Hall. I saw lots of watery eyes, including mine, as we viewed the film from previous wars and parts of our United States of America, which represented our strengths, our loyalty, our respect and allegiance to our flag. Attendance was 114 loyal people. I saw the weather forecast and did dread getting wet, but that is the purpose of an umbrella, right?
I still remember Daddy’s words one day as he dressed to go to the Veterans programs. It was a messy day, but he (Raford Nobles) said, “We didn’t let the weather keep us from doing our duty during the war. Sometimes fox holes had freezing water in them, but you were proud to have a foxhole to get your body and head out of sight from the enemy.” Those words keep me attending the veteran programs. I think I have only missed attending two. I love to see the veterans inwardly thinking … “one more year” as aging veterans slowly make their way upstairs. There is determination on their faces. They are well aware of those present or absent veterans. To make next year’s program better I would suggest ALL present veterans be asked in the beginning of the program to pose for a picture at the close of the prayer. Each year that passes we see empty seats. I missed seeing and picking at former Sheriff, R.D.Smith and Junior Guinn. I thank Mr. Patterson for his attendance, photo work and writing a good article on FRONT page. Nothing is more important on Veterans Day or Memorial Day than our soldiers who served our country on FRONT page. God bless them.
Have a wonderful week!


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