News from the New Friendship & Mifflin Communities of Chester County


with Vickie Ellis

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to All! 
I know that we have lost some dear people, and they will be missed this holiday season and every day in the future. Remember the good times, and if there were bad times, try and forget those. I have heard the remark that God put our faces on the front to look forward not back. Good words. Praise the Lord this Thanksgiving and every day for life and blessings seen and unseen.  God bless us all! 
We enjoyed our Ernest and Biddie Moore Maness family reunion on Saturday, Nov. 13, which has continued since 1947, and we are thankful for each of those who came and prepared food or participated in any way. We missed Andy and Doris Maness this year due to health issues. Andy, being the oldest family member, along with his wife Doris has always been faithful to support and attend the reunion. He is very knowledgeable in the history of the Maness family. 
If you need to buy groceries for Thanksgiving, it will be best to shop earlier as many stores will be closed Thanksgiving Day. I am glad employees will be able to rest and possibly enjoy friends and relatives, considering COVID is still lurking and others may be sick or live out of town. 
Thanks to Shorty Harris for putting the picture and information in on Dobber Dyer. Thanks, “Dobber,” for the sacrifices you made in Vietnam. We are thankful for all you gave and that you came home. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and am glad you were able to receive your medals. God bless.
We had a good sermon at Friendship Baptist Church last Sunday morning; although we do love and praise the Lord, we also had saddened hearts due to the passing of one of our longtime members, Mrs. Doris Sells. She was a very sweet Christian woman. She enjoyed word search puzzles, sewing and making quilts. She also made some fantastic banana pudding. She had been at church the previous Wednesday night, and we had choir practice. I told her that night she had the sweetest smile, and she smiled and said thank you. I loved her smile and will miss her very much as will James. I never dreamed that what I said Friday would be my last words to her, but I am thankful I said them. Her funeral was at Friendship Church Monday, Nov. 15. We will be praying for her family as they begin the journey of grief, facing her loss, but they are thankful she could do what she wanted up until she left this world – headed to her greater reward. We can not and should not live every day thinking of death, but we must prepare as much as we can for the love of those who we love and the choices we make before death. Life after death, forever with our wonderful Savior and Lord if we believe that Jesus is God’s Son and He died upon the cross to save us from our sins. This should be food for thought. We should not live life like it is forever; it isn’t.
Happy belated birthday to “Dobber” Dyer, 11-14; Hillary Blankenship and Dalton Roe, 11-18; and Seth Massengill, 11-20.
Happy Birthday to Glen McCaskill, 11-22; Kathy Pounds, Hunter Butler and Mark Morris, 11-24; and Doris McKinney, 11-27.
Happy anniversary to Ray and Ann Pusser, 11-26. 
Happy anniversary to Donna and Bryan McMorris, 11-24
Please continue to remember these in prayer: Randy Baker, Sheila Berry, Robert and Joyce Brewer, J.T. and Jeanette Butler, Jackie Chambers, Vicki Dickson, Tom Gaugh, Maryann Lackie, Jason Livingston, Nancy McCaskill, Sarah McLemore, LaVelle Page, Pam Priddy, Jesse Pugh, Jake Richardson, Gina Robinson, David Tucker, Tony Tucker, Jerry Weir, Clarence Wells, Jo Willis, Adam Wise and the family of Doug McCaskill and Ms. Doris Sells. Also, please pray for our military, law enforcement, our country and its leaders, those affected by COVID and first responders. There are many sick and hurting. Please say a prayer for those; even if you do not know their name, God does. Prayer is not an obligation; it is the greatest privilege we have. Pray yourself through each day. 
Prayers For Those Who are Grieving – “Dear Lord, there are so many things that cause grief in this life, and many are grieving in the wake of disasters, national tragedies, and losses and pain of every kind. May each hurting heart find comfort in You. You promise You are near to the brokenhearted and You comfort those who mourn. You see each tear and hear each cry. May all who are grieving feel Your nearness, be filled with Your peace and find Your grace and strength to see them through. Please bless all who are in pain and meet each need as only You can. We ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.” – Hope for the Brokenhearted 
I pray you all have a wonderful week, and may it be filled with love, joy, peace and blessings. 
Remember: if you have news, please email me at I would truly appreciate any news. People from here and those who have moved from our area but still want to keep in touch through the newspaper are hungry for news from home.
Until next week, Happy Trails to You.


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