News from the Silerton Community of Chester County


with Melea Beshires

Lots of exciting progress is being made toward improving the town and adding to the city park. Willard and Linda Beshires shared some updates from the last town meeting. The city of Silerton’s town meeting was held on Nov. 15. A request was made that the Christmas lights be put up as soon as possible and thanks to Bolivar Energy Authority, they are now in place. A vote was taken to construct a paved walking trail around the city park and to take bids for striping the city streets. The Dec. 4 date for decorating our park was confirmed for 11 a.m. Saturday morning. Please disregard the previously printed date as it was an error. Everyone is encouraged to come out and help make our park beautiful for the Christmas season. The City of Silerton wishes everyone a very happy holiday season. 
Condolences to the family of Verlon Cox and thoughts and prayers to those who will be missing family members during the holidays this year. 
Some folks have already started celebrating Thanksgiving. The Stack siblings and spouses gathered Thursday, Nov. 11, at the home of Frankie and Mary Lynn Lambert in Saulsbury and enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Both the food and fellowship were great.
This year I have the fun of celebrating an early Thanksgiving in Knoxville at my mom and dad’s house on Wednesday and then will celebrate on Thanksgiving day with the Beshires. We should have a full crew at my mother’s house, as her dachshund, Annie Oakley, recently gave birth to seven puppies! I am sure all the dogs will be eager to glean any leftovers they can! 


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