News from East Chester Elementary School


By: Kim Murphy

We are incredibly thankful here at East Chester Elementary School! We have 536 reasons to be thankful! Our students are truly special! Our grownups are pretty special, too! We are blessed with a caring administration, as well as wonderful classroom teachers, specials teachers, paraprofessionals, interventionists, cafeteria staff and janitors. Yes, we at East Chester have so many things for which we are thankful! Our habit for November is Habit 4: Think Win-Win. We are learning that it is important to find a compromise that is beneficial for everyone. We want to find ways for everyone to win!
Kindergarteners are working hard! The students are continuing to work on blending and spelling words with the letters they have learned so far. The students are finishing up their unit on syllables. In math, they are learning all the ways to make 10. Also, they are learning about greater than and less than. Students began their unit on colonial towns. 
First graders are busy learning! The students are continuing their study on ancient civilizations. They are learning about the farming, leaders and cities of the Incas. In math the students are learning how to make a 10 and add using doubles. 
Our second graders are learning so much! With CKLA, the students are still learning about westward expansion. Students are learning about Sequoyah and the Trail of Tears. In math the students are learning how to add three and four digit numbers with regrouping. As part of Thanksgiving week, the students are reading a book called, “Balloons over Broadway.” This book tells the story behind the large balloons that soar over the parade and puppeteer who created them. There were some small versions of these balloons floating down the hallways of East Chester as students had an opportunity to create their own parade balloons. The creativity of these little people is astounding! 
In third grade students are really coming along! Students finished up their unit on animal classification. They all learned so much information about animals and how different animals are classified! In math the students are learning how to multiply by multiples of 10. 
We had a PTO meeting on Nov. 16. The PTO officers discussed our upcoming events. Cookies with Santa will be on Dec. 2 before the Henderson Christmas Parade at the Senior Citizens Center. Tickets will cost $5 per child. Tickets may be purchased by sending money in an envelope to school (with the child’s name, grade, and teacher) or at Southern Chic Spatique. Children will be able to enjoy cookies, drink hot chocolate with Santa and make holiday crafts. All proceeds will benefit East Chester PTO. The officers asked for volunteers to help set up, serve treats and clean up. Another event coming up is our Santa Shop. This will be at the school on Dec. 6-10. Students are allowed to help shop (during the school day) for family members with the assistance of a personal shopper. We need volunteers to help arrange gift items, assist students shopping and wrap up the gifts. If you are willing to volunteer to help with either of these events, please let Stacey Ingold or any PTO member know!
We want to wish all of our readers a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Remember to take the time to count your blessings and spread love to those that are hurting this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!