Sunrise By David Coy: Contrary Winds

David Coy

By David Coy

“He saw them straining at the oars, because the wind was against them…” (Mark 6:48)
Sometimes life’s traumatic events materialize seemingly from nowhere and can be frightening and overwhelming. They can seem like contrary forces working against us. It is said of the winds of the Sea of Galilee that they can develop quickly into a raging storm, and you are in the middle before you even realize that the storm began. Sometimes our traumatic losses can appear to sneak up and overwhelm us. As a result, we may think that life’s challenges are working contrary to us in our forward movement. Job was an upright man and yet his cattle were stolen by the Sabeans; his sheep destroyed; his camels stolen by the Chaldeans; servants slain, and his seven sons killed by a storm (Job 1:13-19). This does not even take in consideration his loss of health. Sometimes it may seem that life is working against us, and we are walking against strong headwinds.
Lumberman and scientists examined a large tree after it had been cut down that began growing 271 years B.C. At 516 years old, it was partly burned; the evidence visible inside. Other fires scarred the tree in 1441, 1580 and 1797. The latter date left a scar 18 feet wide. What we learn from this is the value of patient endurance and overcoming trials, tribulations and challenges in life. No one said life would be easy, just not impossible, but doable. Keep pressing on with support life is one achievement after another.
This week our support group in Waynesboro will meet. Please come and join us and bring a friend.
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