Letter To The Editor: Remembering Personal Values


Dear Editor,
One of my favorite verses of scripture from Proverbs expresses how a person tends to return to the values taught during formative years-finding the way “home” like the Prodigal Son. I’ve often recollected upon childhood experiences in Henderson and Reagan in comparison to where I’ve spent most of adult life in Mayfield, Ky. I see many of the same attributes in each one: people knowing extended generations of extended families, stands full of fans at local sporting events, churches largely filled on Sundays, with little drawback beyond some cliques and the few far too worried with keeping up with the occasional set of Joneses to impress. In short, Mayfield over the years became “home.”
Just as for those old enough to remember, September 11, 2001 offers a designated marker in time for life before and after an event, the Mayfield tornado in late hours of December 10, 2021 offers a similar line of demarcation to before and after. Still, Mayfield openly receives so much accommodating help from outside while caring for one another’s interests locally-much as I would anticipate in Henderson if the catastrophic event ever occurred there. In short, I’m expressing thanks in receipt of the supportive environment that influenced me in Henderson and Chester Co. that now makes seeing these same acts during the Mayfield disaster feel familiar.
Monty Rogers