News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

The Jacks Creek News has not appeared regularly due to various reasons. This writer has had some health issues and deeply appreciates every prayer. We all have good days and bad days, so we cling to help one another with calls, letters or surprises left at the door. There are many ways to help one another, but nothing is warmer than prayers! Thank you for the support, show of love and all the precious words you write or say. It warms me.
It is frustrating when community people do not call with tidbits. I am told births and anniversaries appear on Facebook, but I find out too late to insert into community news. I wish people would think about not everyone having a computer or fancier cell phones. Not everyone desires to have new electronic toys. I personally got left behind in electronics and now have no interest. I am just proud to have a cell phone for emergencies. At least I can sit at a restaurant without the toy and enjoy the company I am keeping. Isn’t it annoying to see people holding on to those phones and talking to someone else or shopping for the next sale items? It makes the other person wish to be home. What is wrong with conversation or having an inquiring mind about each other’s life?
Have you observed community writers insert their names, address or phone numbers pleading for information at the end of their article? We want to write interesting articles. Those that live far away take the Independent. They want to gather any news about their hometown, family or friends. There is no place like home, so we need to feed their hungry knowledge about home and its residents. They are trying to stay connected, so the least all readers can do is to call writers and share. Our paper would contain more interesting community news. After a period of time, writers do lose interest, because they do not know all the happenings in their neck of the woods. Isn’t it part of your duty to help share news?
The year 2021 has brought a long list of those we lost. I am too far behind to list names and dates. It is sad to not list the names of neighbors and close friends, but I want to be fair. I think about those mourners who went through the “first” of all special events without their loved ones in January through December 2021. Also, I think of those who suffered loss from January 2020 through December 2020. The circle was broken, but life still goes on —- yes, the circle of life continues.
Another year has come to an end. Where did the time go? How many times did I hear Mother, Daddy, Mama Beck, Mamaw Nobles, Murdell Barker, Jim Ruth and other precious friends say those words? Now at age 70, I am saying the same remarks it seems faster and faster – time does fly!
I am thankful for having reached the age of 70 because not all of my Class of 1969 friends reached this age. Our class lost five classmates this year – Tony Cupples, Roger Crouse, Danny Smith, Judy Sweatt and Eddie Jones. Tearfully, their names will be recalled with fond memories at the stroke of midnight as a new year begins. God bless their surviving families.
Twenty-five deceased classmates from Class of 1969 – Donnie Carroll, Kay Cherry Mayfield, Robert Crouse, Roger Crouse, Tony Cupples, Billy Dickson, Ray Harris, Tomi Thomas Harrold, Dennis Johnson, Jeanette Johnson Nash, Eddie Jones, Tommy Kilzer, Patti Kirk Haston, Jan Lane Busby, Linda Lott Booth, L. C. Moore, Judy Morris Benson Sweatt, Julia Morris Mount McCoy, Lanny Patterson, Danny Patterson (graduated Northside), Bobby Pickett, Patsy Rushing Moody, Jan Simmons, Danny Stanfill and Bud Ward.
New Year Resolutions should be simple. Let us do this every day and encourage others to do the same – be kind to elderly, children and animals. WE are their voice. THEY are priceless and precious. If you see abuse among any of these three report it. Give thanks to God for all our MANY blessings. Living in America with ALL our freedoms is the most treasured gift we should ever desire and cherish daily. God bless our military and First Responders – they keep our freedoms in check. Momma told me God had a good sense of humor, so we should give Him something to smile about, too. We all need a good “belly-deep” laugh. Make His day, and you will make your own day better. Who better could we have in control? He is our creator, and He created the world. Look around and see all the things He created? Who else could have done that masterpiece?
“Auld Lang Syne” is an ode to fond memories with a friend and has become a classic staple of New Year’s Eve. “Auld Lang Syne” means “old long since” in English and means something akin to “times gone by.” Auld Lang Syne is a well-known song in English-speaking countries and around the world. It is used traditionally to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year at the stroke of midnight.
Sing these words without tears, if you can on Dec. 31… “Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should old acquaintance be forgot, and old langsyne? For auld langsyne, my dear, for auld langsyne, we’ll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld langsyne.”
Special prayers requested for Rickey Johnson and David Parchman. Special thanks to Don Jones for decorating the yard alone for the spirit of Christmas to show and make me happy. The arrival of a New York package Monday was special – Mr. and Mrs. Don Robertson gave me a butterfly lift. Special thank you to Brenda Hannah for a special Ho-Ho-Ho. Support Loving Paws – they are trying to rescue “Jackie” and pups. Thanks, Muffin.
Christmas 1963 there was a deep snow. The dog house was covered, so Daddy went to Patterson Brothers for a large cardboard box. Momma put rags, and Daddy put a tow “tote” sack in the bottom. A final sheet on top made a tent. Daddy said the porch would be in the dry for the box and animals. I believed him, but….I slipped out of the house and slept with Butch and Tom all night. It was toasty warm even in my simple pajamas. Then it happened – it got HOT in that house! Out the dog ran to get relief with a good roll in the snow! Oh, my gosh! Have you every slept with a wet dog? I sneaked back into MY bed at daylight. Daddy asked me how it felt to sleep outside with the pets? He and Mother had no sleep – they were bodyguards. Home sweet home – I had good parents. I miss them and my sleeping buddies, Butch and Tom. Snow may come Sunday. Want to sleep in a box? Happy New Year in 2022.