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2022 Annual TBI Report: Crime by the numbers in Chester County

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By Shannon Taylor
MVP Regional Senior Investigative Reporter

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation recently released its 2022 annual crime report. The TBI discouraged “ranking” of agencies according to the statistics provided, citing there are “too many demographic, socio-economic and other factors out of the control of law enforcement that contribute to the nature of the crimes committed. Crime varies from place to place and ranking the agencies based solely on numbers would neither be fair to the agencies nor their communities” said TBI Director David Rausch.
Chester County reported a total of 290 offenses, with 55.17 percent cleared by law enforcement agencies in 2022. County agencies made 249 total arrests, with 16 juvenile arrests. There were 55 domestic assault violations, with 48 cleared. Of those violations, 11 were aggravated assault, 42 were simple assault and two were for intimidation. The county reported 139 Group B violations, which include bad checks, curfew/vagrancy, disorderly conduct, DUI, drunkenness, family-nonviolent, liquor law violations, peeping tom and trespass.
In crimes against persons, Chester County reported one forcible sodomy, 18 aggravated assaults, 58 simple assaults and 10 intimidations. In crimes against property, there were eight burglaries, 23 vandalisms, one extortion/blackmail, 12 frauds and 33 thefts. In crimes against society, there were one animal cruelty offense, 111 drug violations, one pornography violation and 13 weapon law violations.
In the city of Henderson, with a population of 6,372, there were 293 offenses with 58.7% cleared and 4,598.2 offenses per capita. There were 173 total arrests, with seven juvenile arrests and 2,715 arrests per capita. There were 59 domestic assault offenses, with 44 cleared. Of those offenses, 16 were aggravated assaults, 35 simple assaults, six intimidations, one stalking and one kidnapping/abduction. The city reported 46 Group B offenses.
In crimes against persons, Henderson reported one kidnapping/abduction, one forcible rape, 24 aggravated assaults, 53 simple assaults, 10 intimidations and two stalkings. In crimes against property, there were 11 burglaries, seven counterfeiting/forgery, 39 vandalisms, 12 frauds, one robbery and 58 thefts. In crimes against society, the city reported 70 drug violations and four weapon law violations.
Tennessee Crimes by the Numbers
The State of Tennessee saw 502,189 offenses in 2022. The population of Tennessee was reportedly 7,051,813. The percentage of offenses cleared last year was 35.84. Crimes per 100,000 people was 7,121.4. Total arrests made in the state was 256, 875 or 3,642.7 per 100,000 people.
The total domestics that occurred was 61,839, with 33,019 cleared. There were 611 murders; 1,954 kidnapping/abductions; 2,156 forcible rapes; 317 statutory rapes; 36,692 aggravated assaults; 72,801 simple assaults; 885 arsons; 22,206 burglaries; 643 animal cruelty incidents and 50,944 drug violations.
Certain crime rates in the state of Tennessee dropped from the previous year. Murder was down by 14.55 percent; weapon-law violations were down 0.98 percent; rape was down 10.61%; kidnapping/abduction was down by 11.98%; crimes against persons went down by 3.19% and crimes against society went down by 8.67%. Crimes against properties went up by 3.31% statewide.
The month with the most reported offenses was in July with 44,490 incidents. The time of day with the most incidents was 3-5:59 p.m., with 84,988 incidents reported during that time frame. The location with the highest percentage for an incident to happen was private residences, which accounted for 41.13 percent of all incidents.
Highways and roadways accounted for 15.21%; schools accounted for 2.23% and hospitals accounted for 0.63%.
Of the victims, 346,362 were prominently white females between the ages of 25-34. Victims increased by 1.08 percent from 2021. Extortion and blackmail victims have increased 77.51% since 2021; motor theft victims have increased by 26.91%; identity theft victims have increased by 25.55% and burglary victims have dropped 18.21% since 2020. Domestic-violence trends showed white females aged 25-34 the highest number of victims and simple assault accounting for 65.21 percent of all reported domestic assault offenses in 2022. Additionally, there were 96 murders reported with a domestic relationship and 585 rapes.
Three-year trends in Tennessee show DUI’s, meth labs and offenses, arson and juvenile arrests were down, but animal cruelty, juvenile victims and group B offenses up.

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