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with Dot Patterson

Greetings from Hickory Corner!
Monday was a cold day with some snow still hanging around. Roads were clear out this way. Looks like possibly snow showers on Thursday. Fingers crossed that does not happen.
Donnie and Nancy Patterson’s beloved dog, Red, has gone to dog heaven. They rescued Red several years ago when they found him in the woods tied to a tree. He was buried in their pet cemetery on the hill by their house. Maybe time to rescue another dog? Pets can provide much love and joy to their humans.
When our pets are gone from our lives we will always remember them. We may wonder if they go to heaven. How can these sweet dogs and cats not go to heaven? God loves all his little creatures.
Rev. Billy Graham was asked what he thought about pets going to heaven and replied, “God will provide us with everything we need to be happy in Heaven — and if animals are necessary to make us completely happy there, you can be confident He will arrange for them to be with us.” (Seattle Post). I like to believe that someday I will be reunited with all my pets. Call me with your thoughts on this.
The beloved actress and comedian Betty White passed away on Dec. 31, 2021 at the age of 99. She was looking forward to celebrating her 100th birthday on Jan. 17. She sure brought her fans lots of happiness over the years. I still enjoy watching “Golden Girls”…always good for lots of laughs. Betty White also loved animals and was active in many animal welfare and conservation groups (CNN). Just days after Betty White passed away, users on social media created the ‘Betty White Challenge’ to honor her love for animals. The challenge is set to take place on Betty White’s 100th birthday, Jan. 17, and asks everyone to pick a local rescue or animal shelter and donate just $5 in Betty White’s name (Newsweek). What a great idea! Let’s flood donations to our local pet rescues.
Happy Birthday wishes go out to those celebrating January birthdays: Faye Morrison (14th), Anita Wade (15th), Joe Holmes (20th), Betty A. Cooper (21st) and John Cranford (24th). Here is a big wish that your day is special and blessed. Those that would like to have their birthday or anniversary mentioned please call me with your special dates. Over the years, I am sure I have misplaced some names and dates.
Remember in prayer Arlan Porter, Ann Bennett, Richy Butler, Ladelle Clark, Mildred Smith, Martha Autry, Ann Morrison, Bonice Martin, Peggy Whitman, Peggy Lard, William and Eddie Luttrell and Donna Lynch. Please continue to pray for all those who are dealing with sickness. Pray for our country. Also, pray for those who have recently lost loved ones. If you would like to add or remove a name from our prayer list, please call me.
If you would like to rent the HCC Center for your special event, please call Nancy Patterson at 608-1159.
Folks, this is your column. Please call me at 989-3315 with tidbits, birthdays anniversaries, vacations or anything you would like to share with us. I really would like hear from our community.
Make it a great week


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