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Milo helps special education students with social-emotional behaviors

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Amy Strickland, a RoboKind representative, traveled from Florida to introduce Milo to a group of students enrolled in Special Education at North Chester.
Milo is a facially-expressive assistive robot who works in tandem with a social-emotional curriculum to support special educators in their mission to improve outcomes for children who have autism.
Jamie Hurst, Special Education Teacher at North Chester, met Milo in 2015, and introducing him to students with autism in her hometown has been a dream since. She was overjoyed when her students were all smiles interacting with Milo and believes that this will be an experience they will carry for a lifetime. Linda Emerson and Dock Ivy, paraprofessionals to the special education program at North Chester, both reported witnessing an unusual level of communication and body language from students with autism, which speaks high volumes for the power of Milo and his component program.
Milo is a one of a kind intervention for children with autism, supported by evidence-based research and measurable outcomes. You can learn more about Milo at RoboKind.com. If you are interested in learning more about Chester County Schools initiatives in this area or supporting efforts to bring evidence-based curriculum and resources to children enrolled in Special Education at North Chester, you can reach out to Jamie Blurton at jamie.blurton-@chestercountyschools.org.

Pictured are the Chester County Special Education students at North Chester learning calming tools with the help of Milo the “facially-expressive assistive robot.”

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