9-1-1 Emergency Communications buys land for building

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The Henderson Mayor and Board of Aldermen sold the land next to the Henderson Fire Department to Chester County 9-1-1 Emergency Communications for a new building during their August meeting.
The city asked for $15,000 for the land.
The amount of money the city had in the land was $26,000, but the city lowered it to $15,000.
The new building will be purchased by 9-1-1 Emergency Communications through the funds they have saved over multiple years by being conservative. It will not be paid by taxpayers.
Reasoning for desiring a new building include: the director and district secretary sharing their existing office space, the current office measures at eight feet tall, the district secretary is asked to pause work and exit office upon phone calls, discussion with supervisor, disciplinary actions and additional matters, the current building has a locking mechanism installed on main door, but sill open to the public for storms, its not environmentally safe and it’s unsafe for dispatchers going to cars.
Plans for the new building include: security for dispatchers with gated parking, adequate space for an equipment room, improving the work environment, boosting morale and increasing the size of dispatch area to accommodate for growth.
Also during delegations, the board approached by the Henderson/ Chester County Chamber of Commerce to have a firework show approved for the annual BBQ Festival.
The decision was that approval would be based upon if the professional the city has come finds a place suitable and safe for the fireworks to be launched and capable of being seen from downtown.
Henderson Mayor Bobby King stated that further guidelines on the American Resue Plan (COVID-19 Relief) is expected in September.
Jason Bramblett, one of the owners of Besso’s, came to the city board meeting to have the installation of a flashing coffee sign approved for the side of the Bessos’s building.
The mayor and board of aldermen agreed to approve the sign contingent upon if the Henderson Planning Committee approves it. Bramblett will have to go to the committee so that they can make sure the sign meets a variety of ordinances and regulations such as the height sign.
COVID-19 hit the labor market hard from people getting stimulus checks to people not wanting to put themselves at risk during the pandemic and other reasons.
The effects still play a role in Henderson.
During other business, Mayor King stated during the Henderson Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting on August 12 that the city will consider hiring citizens who have felonies in their background.
This should not be misunderstood; the current conduct status of the individual would have to meet certain expectations and they would not be hired in city departments that have conflict with such individuals such as the Henderson Police Department.
Previously, there was an understanding that anyone who checked the box marking that they had a felony would not be considered. Now, Mayor King, and the hiring city department will still evaluate the job applicant’s background, having a felony will not automatically take them out of the running for the open position as it would have been in the past.
During business, the board approved to give $5,000 to the Henderson Police Department for a new backup generator.
An ordinance amending water tap fees and gas service line installation fees was also approved along with an ordinance amending the city’s Occupational Safety and Health Plan as required by TOSHA.
Purchases approved include: a new frail mower for the street department on state contract, a skid-steer loader and attachments for the utility department and a four-post vehicle lift for the maintenance shop.

Jason Bramblett, one of the owners of Besso’s, came to the city board meeting to have the installation of a flashing coffee sign approved for the side of Bessos’s building.

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