“A Kidnapping Story”

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She had me cornered

And I had nowhere to go

So, I surrendered myself

Knowing that she wouldn’t let me go

She wrapped me up in her chains

And locked them up tight

So that I wouldn’t run away

Even if I used all my might

Then she led me to her dungeon

Where I would now live my life

Until she beat me for the last time

And I could finally be free

However, her chains bound me so much

That they left everlasting bruises

That hurt anytime something touched them

And never left my flesh

And up to this very day

Those bruises still hurt

And they only leave me with the choice

To never forget her

So, I keep guard of those who would kidnap me

And lock me in their chains

Because I only want to be trapped once

And never again

But even though I felt pain in her dungeon

I know she felt pain with me

Since she went through a lot of trouble

Just to keep her dirty little secret

But I enjoyed my life as she spoiled me in her chains

And I know she did too

As she could have a man to herself

And know that he would only belong to her

Therefore, we both had times of joy

And we both had times of pain

But that’s just how all relationships are

Isn’t it?

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