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Allen Miller is Lions’ Club February 2022 Public Servant of the Month

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By Lion Donna
Rouse Butler
Zone Chair

The Chester County Lions Club has long had the tradition of honoring those in our community who work hard to add value by giving freely of their time, effort, and energy through volunteerism. Lions Clubs all over the world have always been about service to others. Building bridges to a better life and building the bridges of equality and understanding through the services we provide to others of all ages – regardless of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, or disability. Our Motto is WE SERVE!
Our Chester County Club would like to spotlight our men and women in blue this month by honoring Officer Allen Miller from the Henderson Police Department.
Officer Miller was born in Memphis, Tennessee and adopted by Bo and Sharon Miller. Allen is married to Julie Miller. Together, they have 5 children – Hunter, Hannah, Aaron, Jacob and Rachel. Officer Miller also mentioned his daughter in law, Julia Miller, and a beautiful grandson named, Junior. Allen has lived all over Tennessee as a child. He graduated from Chester County High School. Allen joined the US Army in May of 1996 and retired in May of 2016 as a Sergeant First Class. He served in the 82nd Airborne as an Infantryman and then as a Miliary Policeman. As an MP, he has served all over the world from Europe to South Korea with one deployment to Iraq where he received a Bronze Star and a Bronze Star with Valor. His training included Infantry School, Airborne, Miliary Police, Physical Security, Force Protection/Antiterrorism and Basic to Advanced Leadership Schools.
When asked what inspired him to become a public servant through Law Enforcement, Officer Miller said he has always wanted to serve his country and fellow countrymen – so it was really a natural transition for him to move in Law Enforcement after retiring from the Miliary. Now he is happy to serve our city and community. Officer Miller remarked that he loves this city and this community and he wants nothing but the very best for its’ citizens and his family alike.
When asked about his personal and professional accomplishments, Officer Miller reflected back on many things he has done. And yes – some he says were kinda crazy and physically challenging things! He remembers the first time he tried to hike in a Kennedy March (50 Miles in one Day). He said he only made it 22 miles and then he was DONE! He was so physically exhausted he could barely climb the stairs to get into bed – where he slept for 18 hours. So, the next year he asked more Soldiers stationed with him if they would like to join him in that quest to walk 50 miles in a day. Five other soldiers were willing to train in the effort to meet the challenge. And so Allen and his fellow US Soldiers completed the Kentucky March while stationed in the Netherlands.
We can tell that Officer Miller is an adventurist by the way he answered our next question – What do you enjoying doing in your spare time? No doubt his answer was “having new experiences”! He said seeing new places and exploring are absolutely a “must” for him. He enjoys hiking, kayaking, fishing and camping. Allen said he especially enjoys these activities with his family beside him to experience this wonderful world we have!
When asked the question we all ponder….” What do you hope people remember most about you? He answered – That I never, ever quit or give up until it becomes insanity to keep doing something…. because it is truly impossible. And not impossible simply because it is just so hard, or just because it is so mentally and physically exhausting. Officer Miller believes almost everything is possible. He says, with the right amount of heart and motivation to accomplish or achieve something – you can do it. If God puts it before you in your life – then it is going to happen!
I am certainly proud and honored to be able to present Officer Allen Miller before the Club and before the public as a true hometown hero who is serving us faithfully. He loves God, Country, and Family! It is wonderful and certainly makes me feel encouraged to know we have the caliber of Public Servants like Officer Allen Miller.
I believe we in Henderson are abundantly blessed to have such fine men and women in our Police Department.
Our hope, faith, and confidence in men like Officer Miller is well placed and most deserved.

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