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“Be the best of whatever you are” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Program in Henderson.

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By Kendall Patterson
Staff Writer

Henderson City Hall opened its doors to the community Sunday for the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Program.
This is the first time it was held in the Henderson City Hall.
The messenger of the program was Apostle Frank Holiday of Greater Evangelical Ministries of Selmer.
Holiday spoke on Martin Luther King’s legacy of racial equality.
An excerpt of his message is “Whatever your color is, you can say ‘I’m proud.’”
He focused most of his message on King’s “What Is Your Life’s Blueprint?” speech.
Holiday referenced Dr. King’s text and told the audience to “be the best of whatever you are.” Then, made a comparison of King saying to be the best street sweeper you can be.
“We don’t have street sweepers today, but we have people who work at Burger King and people who work at McDonald’s … even though they are serving hamburgers, because of the way you serve hamburgers, people will come from Memphis because of the way you serve a hamburger.”
The program can be found on the Chester County Independent’s website and Youtube channel.

Henderson Mayor Bobby King (far left) and Chester County Mayor Barry Hutcherson (Far right) present the proclamation of Monday Jan. 20 being the day the county and city commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Also pictured are Chester County Commissioner Dr. John L. Welch and Dr. Jerry Woods.
Pastor Dr. Barbara Fitzhugh of Mount Zion CME sings the last selection of the ceremony.
A member of the audience is full of spirit, dancing as the choir sings “I Wanna Be Ready.”

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