Blood donation is critical for timely care

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For individuals who have been in an accident resulting in trauma, getting the right care as immediately as possible is critical.
When asked, “How impactful is it to have blood and blood products available for patients in this critical moment of need?” Local Air Evac 75 flight nurse Josh Taylor shares, “Very impactful. When we do have to use blood products, we usually need them rapidly. This allows us to start advanced treatment in the field that was previously only available in a hospital setting. We are one of the only EMS providers in the area to carry blood products. By starting this treatment quickly, when needed, we can help provide better outcomes for our patients.” 
Taylor emphasized how important it was to continue to recruit new blood donors. “If we do not, the blood supply will shrink, resulting in decreased access to blood products which would lead to worse outcomes for patients. It is important to have a readily available supply of blood for the flight nurses and other medical professionals to use at any time. But without donors we wouldn’t be able to make any of this possible.”
“I have had patients receive blood and later make the comment that they were a blood donor, but never thought they would be on the other end receiving it.” Taylor says. “This could be you, a family member, child, or friend.  We all want and need those products available in a time of need.” 
Having patients reach back out is not always a guarantee because of the type of work he does, but when Taylor does hear those testimonies, it is extremely rewarding to be reassured that a difference was made – not only through their work but also the blood that was provided.
Are you the type to save a life? Donate blood or platelets at LIFELINE Blood Services in Jackson or in Dyersburg – check out for additional information or call 731-427-4431. No appointment is necessary to donate whole blood, but due to the process of donating platelets, appointments are required. Lifeline will also be at Henderson church of Christ from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. Monday, May 22.
LIFELINE provides blood services to 21 West Tennessee counties, including 18 hospitals and 14 emergency helicopter service locations and one ground ambulance service. Annually, the Center collects approximately 26,000 blood products (red cell units, platelets, plasma, etc.) to meet the needs of patients. Of that total, 75% of those products are usually collected on the bloodmobiles across West Tennessee. LIFELINE also provides reference lab and cross-matching services to healthcare facilities. For more information, visit

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