Chester community shows love to kids during Christmas season

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By Kendall Patterson
Staff Writer

The Chester County Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse was the heart of giving during the holiday season.
Individuals, businesses and churches in the community had donated Christmas presents to the Carl Perkins Center for children in the Chester County community. As of Dec. 18, the center had provided Christmas for 165 children according to Kirbi Fahs, Chester County Carl Perkins Center County Director.
Gifts were for children who have received services at the center and also for those in the community who are “having a rough time and need extra help providing gifts for their children.”
All of the giving hearts in the county creates a lot of good tears at the Carl Perkins Center.
“It’s emotional, we do a lot of crying in December,” Fahs said. “It’s just amazing to see the love someone has for a stranger. It’s more than the toy in the box. It’s showing somebody that they are loved, and they are cared for.”
The Christmas season of giving to children is a reason why Fahs loves her job.
“It’s just a real humbling experience and a neat thing to be a part of: To make sure these children are able to wake up on Christmas morning and have things they never thought they would get,” Fahs said.
Fahs said how she wishes could just shout and tell Chester County thank you in a way that everyone could hear.
“It’s incredible the love and support that this center has, and it’s just one of those things that is not taken for granted. We are very appreciative for all the love and support, and the sponsors and the people who donate toys and give monetary donations. I just want to say thank you,” she said. “Chester County’s amazing and I’m blessed to call this place home.”

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