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Chester County 4-H Junior Judges take top honors: Team takes first in Western Region Livestock Judging Contest

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By: Steve Rickman
UT Extension Agent

The Western Region 4-H Livestock Judging contest took place on Thursday, November 14 in Decaturville. Our region has 31 counties that are eligible to participate. Well over 240 contestants competed in this year’s contest. Chester County 4-H had the most participants with a record 30 members from grades 4th-12th representing Chester County Middle School, Chester County Junior High, Chester County High School, and Chester County 4-H Homeschool.
The junior team of Mackenzie Stoneman, Hunter Davis, Xander Swain and Chloe Foster won 1st place. Taking 5th place was the junior team of Cooper Heinsohn, Evan Jones, Luke Moody and Brycen Faulkner. Three newcomers to this year’s team finished 9th in junior team; they were Kodie Weaver, Chris Davis and Sophia Vaughn. Junior teams are made up of 4th and 5th graders. Xander Swain 2nd, Hunter Davis 3rd, Mackenzie Stoneman 4th and Chris Davis 7th took individual honors in the junior competition.
In the junior high division the team of Will Heinsohn, Karley Heinsohn, Paul Jones and Garner Hickman finished in 4th place. The junior high division of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students had the most amount of participants. The team of Kyson Taylor, Weston Taylor, Katelyn Carter and Landyn Boehm won 9th place in junior high. Finishing 14th place out of 22 teams was the team of Lane Faulkner, Emily Weekley, Grace Davis and Brett Davis. Taking individual honors in the junior high division was Garner Hickman 6th place and Weston Taylor 9th place. Garner had the highest score of all the 30 Chester County team members. Another newcomer in this division was Bailey Moore who placed in them individual contest.
The senior high division of Chester County was represented by 2 teams. The highest place team was Hannah Stoneman, Mari Grace Stolzfus and Aja Stovall followed by the team of Connor Lott, Lizzie Smith and Bert Lott. All of our senior high team members were competing in this division for their first time and did remarkable being so young and experienced.
Practice started back in September and these kids put in a lot of time preparing for this contest.
They all did an amazing job competing in a very tough contest and I am very proud of all of them.
I would like to say a big thank you to all of the parents for giving these students this opportunity. Also thanks to our Chester County Schools for allowing these kids to leave school early for travel to practices, clinics and the contest.
Your support of our 4-H programs are tremendous and we are very grateful.
Anyone that would like to support our 4-H programs or has questions about 4-H, call us at your local UT Extension office in Chester County at 989-2103. For news and events, follow us on our UT Extension-Chester County Facebook page.

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