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Chester County Basketball starts off 1-1: McPherson wins first game as head coach

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By Kendall Patterson
Staff Writer

Chester County High School Basketball seems to have a good start with both girls and boys being at 1-1 after their games against Hardin County and Bolivar.
The boys were victorious, against Hardin County (71-55), and the girls were victorious against Bolivar (64-49).
The boys’ win against Hardin County was a good start to the year with it being their first game. Additionally, it was Collin McPherson’s first win as head coach.
“They ran through and looked good on the first night. I was glad for the team that we could start off the season that way,” he said. “It’s always good to start off on a positive note.”
“I was glad to go ahead and get it out the way and get it off my shoulders,” he said.
After losing to Bolivar 70-54, McPherson said that Bolivar’s pressure caused them to go out of sync and not allow them to be able to play at their full potential, but said Friday that he believed that they can possibly win when they played them again which was Monday night.
The Eagles, after being down the majority of the game, closed the deficit to within single digits in the fourth quarter, but were not able to make the comeback.
McPherson is positive about the season in the thought of, even though they lost by 16, the team’s ability to stay in the game and be within the single digits in the fourth is something to take note of.
“I don’t think we played at all to our best potential, but we’re still around the game at the end,” he said.
Speaking of single digits, the Eaglettes lost only by 8 (42-50) points in their match up against Hardin Co.
They may have lost, but Head Coach Lee Pipkin saw the girls’ mentality of not giving up as something to take away from the game.
The Eaglettes fell behind by double digits against the Tigers who won their district last year, but came back and made it a single digit game at the end.
“We never gave up. We would fight back, and fight back, and fight back, and hit some threes, and the girls never quit,” she said. “That’s what I really liked about that game.”
The Chester Co. Girls did not have any subs that night either and played Jariyah Williamson, Mia Hurst, Tori Trice, Ava Craddock and Kara Pipkin the entire game.
“That’s saying something,” Pipkin said.
In their game against Bolivar, the first half was fairly competitive with Chester Co. being in the lead most of the half, but they gained some separation going into halftime after Mia Hurst hit two three pointers within the final minute making the score 32-24.
Then, in the second half they took control and were able to put some of their bench in.
The crowd and team both went wild when Faith McManus hit a three to keep the momentum going which led to the victory.
Read the Chester County Independent next week to find out how the Nov. 23 game against Bolivar went.

Mia Hurst starts to go down the court after gaining possession of the ball in the Eaglettes game against Bolivar Nov. 20. Photo by Kendall Patterson

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