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Chester County Eagles win first game

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By Kendall Patterson
Staff Writer

Tuesday Dec. 10, was a wild night for the Chester County High School Eagles along with their cheering fans as they played Riverside Panthers.
Before the game even started, everyone was aware of how important the game was for the team.
Up until then, the Eagles were 0-5 and in desperate need of a win. Not only did they come out on top, but they came out on top in their first district game of the season.
The Eagles and Panthers had a fairly even game in the beginning of the first quarter, however, they started to fall back after both teams tied it at about 10 points. That’s when the Eagles began to trail.
They slowly came back and decreased the lead Riverside had on them and made the halftime score only be an 8 point difference with the score being 19-27.
Then, in the third quarter the Eagles came back with incredible momentum and took the lead.
The last quarter had everyone on the edge of their seats as the Eagles were in the lead but the Panthers would not give up as they began to continuously tie the game. Chester County had a response though every time.
“Every time they tied it, we made a play,” Head Coach Kody Howard said. “That’s something I didn’t know if we had it in us or not, but the kids grew up tonight.”
In the last minute, the Eagles distanced themselves away from the Panthers with two 3-pointers by Dalton Colbert.
The final score was 60-55.
Riverside was a big game for score leaders Colbert and Kiram McGee.
Colbert scored 22 points and Mcgee posted a double-double with 18 points and 16 rebounds.
“This is only the start of a great future for Chester County,” Howard said. “These kids are only going to keep getting better from here.”
On Friday Dec. 13, the Eagles had top-ranked Side. In the first half they put up a good fight with even making a 12 point plus comeback and made it a close game with having it at 30-33 at one point in the first half. Nontheless, they fell back behind before halftime with a score of 42-32.
In the second half, the Eagles, couldn’t manage to make a comeback.
Even though they faced a loss, Howard was still proud of them.
“I’m so proud of the effort and Energy the kids gave,” he said. “They were ready to go for it from the tip for the first time all year. I told the team at halftime that we would at least be 3-3 if we would have played the first half in every game like we did tonight.”
Eagles stand at 1-1 for the District with a 1-6 overall.

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