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Chester County Eaglettes 2-0 in District play

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The Chester County Eaglettes had a good start last week with a district win against Riverside.
The Eaglettes had the lead the whole way through the game. The team came out strong in the beginning. But the second quarter Riverside put up some points and the Eagles were not getting the shots they were wanting according to Head Coach Lee Pipkin. Nonetheless, the Eaglettes kept the lead going into halftime, 24-16.
In the second half they came back stronger and stretched out the lead to 42-20 by the end of the third and won 56-41.
The Eaglettes prove to be doing well with their starter Mia Hurst out.
Pipkin is proud of the accomplishments Claire Maxon has made after stepping up since she is needed more. Pipkin said Maxon always had the ability to put up the incredible 28 points she put up in the game and was waiting for her to do it.
“Claire Maxon had a great game,” she said. “That’s one of her best offensive games… I’ve been waiting on that to happen with her.”
Pipkin said that Tori Trice stepped up this game as well.
She is excited for when Mia Hurst will be able to return, because she believes that like Maxon and Trice, other members of the team will also bring out their potential while she is out and have a dominant force when she is back injury free.
“When Mia gets back and we can roll like that and get these other girls playing, stepping up, and taking on a different role, it’s just going to make us better,” she said.
The team continued to show greatness once they beat South Side 42-41 in a close game on Friday Dec. 13.
They started the game off with stealing the ball from South Side and scoring. Then, after a great defensive game with more steals and rebounds, the Eaglettes ended the first quarter with the lead, 16-6.
In the third, Maxon proved she can not only score but be a playmaker as well with her multiple assists.
In the last quarter, South Side put up a fight, but the Eaglettes held them. In the last minutes, Hawks put up a 3 making it 40 -42 with the Eagles in the lead. Then the hawks had a chance to tie it with foul shots with just over 6 seconds remaining, however the shooter felt the pressure and only managed to make 1 of the two shots. So, with about 2 seconds left, Maxon gets the ball and is fouled. Though she misses her free throw, the Hawks did not have enough time to get back down the court to score and throw it up for a missed, yet close, buzzer beater shot.
“The girls hung on and won. All it takes is one point,” Pipkin said.
The win against Southside puts them 2-0 for the district and 5-2 overall.

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