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Chester County Eaglettes place third in Hub City Classic

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By Kendall Patterson
Staff Writer

The Eaglettes placed third in the Hub City Classic at Oman Arena Dec. 30 after defeating Madison Academic Magnet 54-48.
During the tournament Claire Maxon won All-Tournament.
On Friday, Jan. 3, Chester County had to face off against the Tigers.
They lost 63-29 but it was mostly due to having an additional player, Maxon, out with an injury.
The team still played well though Head Coach Lee Pipkin said. She mentioned how the team played well in regards to the situation they were put in.
“We had girls playing roles that they don’t normally play,” she said. “I told the girls I’m not the least bit disappointed, because there are so many of ya’ll playing different roles.” She continued to tell the players “You all learned something. You all stepped up, and you did what you had to do and handled yourself the best you could in that situation.”
Pipkin sees the game as a chance for the players to gain more varsity experience so the team can be even better once they have the injured players healthy again.
“That kind of experience is going to help us once we get our whole team back together.”
Maxon returned for their game against McNairy Central on Tuesday. The game against McNairy determined who is number one in the district. The game had not been played at time of printing.

Overall Record 8-7
District 4-0

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