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Chester County Eaglettes shutdown Panthers; fall to the Hawks

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The Eaglettes outperformed their opponents again in their game against Riverside, Tuesday Jan. 19.
The Riverside Panthers were not allowed to score until four minutes were left in the first, and that was with a free throw. Chester County already had nine points by then.
At the end of the first, Chester Co. girls were winning 19-5 and kept it up the rest of the game with the final score being 62-32.
When they played South Side Jan. 22 though, the game did not end in their favor.
The Eaglettes started the game off well against the Hawks, also number one in the district, by ending the first 19-13 with the lead.
However, the game for Chester County fell apart after that.
The Hawks stepped up their game in the second quarter and outscored the Eaglettes 18-5.
The halftime score was 33-24.
The rest of the game was like the second quarter with the Hawks in control which gave South Side the win, 71-51.
Eaglettes Head Coach Lee Pipkin said that she is simply disappointed in the girls’ lack of playing defense.

Annabelle Lockridge looks for an open teammate. Photo by Kendall Patterson

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