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Chester County Educator selected to participate in STEM

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Chester County Junior High’s Dr. Colette Carrabba was selected to participate in the STEM Collaborative Program. Throughout the coming year, Carrabba will learn, reflect and share information about he local education landscape.
In doing so, she said that she will will work to develop targeted solutions that build upon community resources and address current STEM challenges within Chester County.
The Tennessee STEM Innovation Network faculty will introduce the participants to asset-based thinking and help them to facilitate solutions for STEM challenges throughout Tennessee she said.
“The needs for East, Middle and West Tennessee students vary greatly, and this collaborative is geared towards the rural students in those areas.  The collaborative works toward ensuring that all students have access to high-quality learning opportunities in STEM by exposing them to 21st century skills and STEM career pathways,” she said.
Through her time with WestTeach, Carrabba said she learned how valuable this experience could be for her and for students in Chester County.  
“During my WestTeach experience, I learned that many of our students do not know what types of career opportunities exist for them throughout West Tennessee, and that often, our students are unprepared for many of the available jobs.  With this year’s work with the STEM collaborative, I will obtain the knowledge and skills needed to bring more STEM educational experiences to Chester County Junior High School and spark an interest for our students for future career choices,” she said.

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