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Chester County High School Football falls in a game of two offenses

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By Kendall Patterson
Staff Writer

Chester County Football made Friday night entertaining in their game against Jackson North Side.
Though they lost, they did not call it quits until the end.
Starting off, their first two touchdowns came from their first two drives.
North Side responded to both of them.
Then, however, the Eagles loss some offensive momentum after punting and then throwing an interception.
Going into halftime, the eagles were down 41-20.
Late in the second half, the Eagles were able to make a comeback but by then it was too late.
The CCHS defense could not stop North Side which resulted in them piling their points.
The Eagles did make a stop late in the fourth after the North Side Indians had a bad snap that fell in the endzone, and the Eagles recovered it for a touchdown.
On top of that, Eagles’ kicker Joshua Kuykendall made a great onside kick that they were able to recover.
All of this happened when the Eagles scored multiple touchdowns in the last six minutes.
It did not help them much at the end besides decreasing the Indians’ lead. The final score was 69-54.
Chester County Head Coach Steve Robinson knew that his offense could put up a lot of points.
“When we are healthy offensively, we can move the ball,” he said. “I thought that was a really good indication of that tonight; when you score that many points against a good athletic defense.”

Freshman Robert Kunicki gets 19 yards after a catch against North. Photo By Kendall Patterson.
Ellis Patterson fights through a tackle for extra yards. He had a total of 207 rushing yards and 3. Photo By Kendall Patterson.
Demetrius Edgeston gets a tackle during the game Friday night. Photo By Kendall Patterson

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