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Chester County Historical Society to present recording of Waynell Jones

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The Chester County Historical Society would like to encourage community members to view a recording of Waynell Jones at the next meeting of the Chester County Historical Society at 7 p.m. Monday, May 2, at the Chester County Senior Center.
Waynell Jones was a black, country blues artist who was born in Pinson in 1926 and moved to Henderson. Song titles of his include: “Jaybird Boogie;” “Don’t Scold Your Wife (When You Know You Are Doing Wrong Yourself);” “Brenda, I Love You;” “Girl with the Blue Jeans On;” “The Whiskey Song” and more.
Near the end of his life, he made a guest appearance on WFHC (now WFHU) and sang a few songs. It was recorded on an experimental tape and had not been heard since that day. Over the most recent Christmas break two of the station’s alumni, Ray Eaton and Rodger Holtin, went digging through piles and piles of reels that were headed for the trash and found it – in the last pile. Eaton had recorded it originally, and Holtin had it restored this spring.
The Chester County Historical Society hopes this event increases their membership and participation from the black community.
“The Chester County Historical Society has long recognized that none of the African-American community have participated in this good community work, and the society wants to use this opportunity to reach out to all of our neighbors. Presenting a newly rediscovered recording of the legendary Waynell Jones with his family and friends seemed like a good way to open that door,” Holtin said. “Waynell was known and loved by the entire community. It’s probably no stretch to say that he was the best thing that ever happened to race relations in our community, and we want to recognize that, preserve it and continue to promote it among all of the county citizens.”

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