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  • Chester County Independent Award – Megan Bates and Jusino Prather continue long tradition of excellence

Chester County Independent Award – Megan Bates and Jusino Prather continue long tradition of excellence

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Two distinguished students, athletes and 2019 graduates of Chester County High School have been chosen to receive the annual Chester County Independent Award. Megan Bates and Jusino Prather were chosen for the award for this year.

The Chester County Independent Award is presented annually to the senior athletes at the school who have given the most to the CCHS athletic department throughout their four years at the school, as chosen by the coaches. Bates and Prather are just the third co-winners in the history of the award that dates back to its origination in 1966 by for Independent editor and publisher, the late H.F. “Woody” Whaley.

Bates’ selection was based on her work in the sports of volleyball and softball. She was a three-year starter on the volleyball team coached by Susan Humphry and four-year starter on the Eaglette softball team as coached by Brandon Pipkin and assisted by Bates’ father, Bo Bates. Her awards included All Region twice in volleyball, and she was a member of the All West Tennessee team her senior season.

In softball, Bates made the All District team three years, played in the Billy Scribner All Star Game in Jackson and earned a softball scholarship to Jackson State Community College.

The Eaglette volleyball team advanced to the state tournament last fall, and the Eaglettes earned a District Championship and advanced to the state tournament during Bates’ freshman year.

Prather, known by his nickname “Jet,” stated, “My basketball career at Chester County High School is something that’s unforgettable, a lot of good memories on and off the court with my teammates, coaches and fans.”

Prather described himself as a player that is always trying to get his teammates involved, and a player to get everybody on the same page, and thus to get everyone going. That team oriented approach helped earn Prather the title of District 14-AA Most Valuable Player.

Megan Bates

Pro athletes she admires: Baseball players Kris Bryant, Miquel Cabrera, Derek Jeter

Favorite professional team: Chicago Cubs. “Thankfully I was born a Cubs fan in Cardinal territory.”

Non-athlete she admires: Her aunt, Ashley McCaskill. “Ashley McCaskill is no doubt the strongest person I have ever met. She never falls or crumbles when things get hard. She’s always in a good mood and takes the best out of every situation. She never gives up on anyone, or anything, no matter what. She is everything I want to be in the future and then some. She is definitely someone I will love and look up to forever.”

Favorite foods:

Boudin, or Cajin boiled peants from C&R Grocery

Favorite movies:

Atomic Bomb, It’s a Wonderful Life, Ferris Bueler’s Day Off, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Field of Dreams

Favorite non athletic activities: Cook outs with family and friends, and riding to the Snake Ditch with my dad

What makes you You: My competitiveness and work ethic. “I don’t like to lose.”

Jusino Prather

Pro athletes he admires:

Michael Jordan and LeBron James

Favorite college team: Kentucky Wildcats.

“I like the way they keep up and

down the floor and play fast and flashy.”

Favorite pro team: Los Angeles Lakers

“Because I like the offense they run,

and another reason my favorite player is on there.”

Favorite foods: Pizza, shrimp, steak

Favorite movie: He Got Game!

Favorite non athletic activities: “I like to go shopping, go out to eat and hang with all my friends.”

What makes you You:

“My personality makes me who I am because I’m always laughing and happy and trying to make other people happy, and always trying to make new friends with other people, and trying to make others around me better.”


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