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Chester County retired teachers attend Spring Leadership Workshop

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On March 9, President Sylvia Harris, Vice-President Jean Smith, Secretary, Membership Chairman Jane Rowlett and Community Participation Committee member Martha Lewis attended the Tennessee Retired Teachers’ Association Spring Leadership Workshop at First Baptist Church in Jackson.  
Topics addressed included promoting membership, legislative issues that affect public education, the importance of making educators’ voices heard and voting our profession and challenges for the coming year.  
The membership goal for 2020 is “20 in 20,” which means an increase of 20 percent or 20 new members for the 2020 membership recruiting period. Twenty percent of our current membership is 4.6 people. 
Let’s aim for at least five!
Among legislative issues discussed were school vouchers and charter schools and their detrimental effect on public education.
Challenges for the coming year include membership, unfavorable legislation for our age group and developing and maintaining strong local organizations. 

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