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  • Chester County Sheriff’s Department adds new four-legged deputy

Chester County Sheriff’s Department adds new four-legged deputy

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The Chester County Sheriff’s Department recently welcomed a new member to its family, one with a history of living on the streets and serving hard time behind bars. And a perfectly choreographed, random set of occurrences brought them together.

Henry, a mutt with sketchy parentage, appeared earlier this year at the home of Dr. Jerry and Bonita Thornthwaite on White Ave. He was thin, flea infested and mangy. He was also friendly, loving and happy. The Thornthwaites cared for him but were unable to keep him, and so enlisted the help of Bobby Gary, Henderson City Animal Control officer.

Gary took him to the Animal Control facility, notifying volunteers of the new arrival. After noting that Henry seemed to suffer from extreme separation anxiety, Gary contacted Friends of Henderson Animal Control and arranged for him to be fostered in a home environment.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Blair Weaver was approached (again, apparently) by Leslie Weaver and Brandy Denbow and others with the Chester County Sheriff’s Department and Chester County Jail, requesting to adopt a rescue dog. But unlike past years, this time Sheriff Weaver said yes. Leslie Weaver said everyone at the sheriff’s department had to be on board with the adoption, agreeing to pool their personal funds for dog care. With a unanimous decision, the search was on.

After visiting the pound, and not finding a pup that seemed to be a good fit, Gary told them about Henry. Jan Morris, Henry’s foster mom, soon took him to the Sheriff’s department for a day visit, and it was love.

Henry spends his days at the sheriff’s department, then heads over to the jail for his evening duties. He has a demanding position, and requires multiple naps throughout the day. Henry’s duties include, but are not limited to, lending two furry ears for listening; warm, fuzzy hugs; and providing comic relief. Henry provides emotional support to both CCSD and jail employees and inmates as well. He also enjoys visiting area schools occasionally with deputies and is currently considering attending school to receive canine therapy certification. After all, he is not an old dog, and there are lots more tricks to learn.


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