City of Henderson approves Co-op annex

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By Holly Roeder
Staff Writer

Henderson Mayor and Board of Aldermen met Thursday, March 9, in regular session will all members in attendance.
After opening the floor for a public hearing, the board unanimously approved a plan of service, resolution for annexation and finally an ordinance changing zoning to M-3 allowing for industrial and retail, which passed on a first and second reading.
According to Brent Beshires, City Building and Zoning Official, the possibility of the addition of a fertilizer building behind the Co-op was first addressed in 2021, the property was outside city limits, and not zoned commercial. Later that year, Beshires said he discussed with Will Quinn of Quinn Construction concerning what was necessary for the project. He also spoke with Adam Ledsinger of MB Civil Engineering. In November of 2022, Co-op submitted an annexation request. Beshires said the planning commission looked at the proposal in December, but took no action at that time. A planner from local planning prepared a plan of service and prepared a write-up on the annexation request and zoning. The planning commission again reviewed the request on January 23, along with the plan, and chose to send it to the board for a vote, which, as noted above, was approved on all counts.
Beshires also noted that it is customary for the development party to pay for the extension of utilities to city streets. On February 24, the board received notice from Rob White and the Co-op board of directors, that Co-op had agreed to contribute to utility extensions. Estimated cost for utility line including two fire hydrants is about $72,696. Co-op will contribute $40,000.
In consideration of the Community Block Grant application and local match for the purchase of a new Fire Pumper, the board approved the resolution unanimously. The total project cost is $494,112, with a local match of $74,117.
The board also approved without opposition a resolution to approve a Local Park and Recreation Grant application and local match, for Gene Record Memorial Park improvements. The total project cost is $1,026,000 with a local match of $513,000. The project includes new playgrounds, pavilions and new restrooms. Local Match funding for this project was previously approved at $500,000 through the ARP funds. City Recorder Jim Garland noted that the final match is $13,000 over the $500,000, and that the city may have to pull that from General Funds, if there is not enough remaining in the ARP account.
The board entertained a quote for a projector and sound system for the new classroom upstairs in the City Hall. The quote, from MCC Jackson, was $14,710.01 for the projector system, with an added $1,638.49 for the addition of a wireless microphone system. Beau Sage of MCC Jackson was on hand to discuss the quote with the board. Ultimately, the board decided to reach out to additional providers to obtain additional quotes, ensuring an “apples-to-apples” comparison, to decide the best route with comparable information.
The Public Works Department proposed the purchase of a heavy-duty culvert cleaning tool, which will clean up to 34-feet of culvert, which would be expected to assist in reducing flooding on roadways in heavy rains. The board approved the purchase unanimously.
City resident Glen Rainey approached the board to make a public statement regarding a current conflict with his landlord, Rick Anderson, a Selmer resident. Rainey stated he simply wanted to assure the city that he is working on making other living arrangements and he is working toward resolving any issues with the property owner. To note, Rainey also stated he was not approaching the board to request support or assistance, simply to make the statement.
In other news, the board scheduled a pay scale meeting for 5:30 p.m. March 16, HPD Chief Gary Davidson shared the PD will be adding new radios and Utility Director Darryl Green stated the new water line on Hwy 45 is complete.
Finally, a decision was reached to extend the un-used COVID leave, to reevaluate in 90 days.

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