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City of Henderson approves “Letter of Intent” for packaged beer

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Following Thursday’s meeting of the Henderson Mayor and Board of Aldermen, a potential applicant of a package beer store can now complete a “Letter of Intent” provided by the city to gain approval for the proposed site as to the distance requirements and proper zoning.
As the ordinance states: “If the Letter of Intent is approved by the building official and city mayor, as to the distance requirements and zoning requirements, the approval will remain effective for twelve months from the date of approval. The letter of intent is only regarding the distance requirements and zoning requirements and in no way approves that the structure or building meets any other regulations of this chapter or building code. An approved letter of intent is non-transferable.
The board also approved Vaughan Associates and Architects, Inc. as the architect for the city hall renovations at a cost of $22,000 which will be covered with the American Rescue Plan funds.
The main renovations include renovating the unfinished rooms on the main floor and second floor of city hall to turn them into classroom/meeting space. This is in order to have more meeting areas and also to have meeting attendees to be able to spread themselves out more if social distancing is needed.

After discussion, the board agreed that a Master Plan will be created for Gene Record Memorial Park in order to be able to apply for grants.
Mayor King and the aldermen needed to appoint/reappoint one member to each the planning commission, board of zoning appeals, the industrial development board and the city park advisory board.
Craig Casey was reappointed to the planning commission. James Vincent was appointed to the board of zoning appeals. Renee Phelps was reappointed to the industrial development board, and Jill Smith was appointed to the park advisory board.
The board also approved: the utility department to order a new 2500 Pickup on state contract, the utility department to hire an engineer to design the sewer extension to the hotel site and the purchase of equipment for the sewer lagoons to treat water discharge to meet the new limits approved by the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation.

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