Class of 2020 Awards/ Scholarships

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Lillie McCarver

Claire Maxon

Tennessee Scholars
Ben Arnold, Lillie McCarver, Andrew Black
Gideon McManus, Christopher Canaday, Kaitlyn Moore, Sarah Hartman, Ryan Yarber and Kayla McBroom

National Honor Society
Ben Amold, Kayla Flatt, Leslie McMahan, Mary Katherine Walker, Andrew Black, Hillary Foxx, Gideon McManus, Laum Beth Welch, Christopher Canaday, Alexandria Hammons, Camden Meals, Ryan Yarber, Alaina Cooper, Sarah Hartman, Kaitlyn Moore, Tyler Crowe, Colton Huntt, Alexia Novak, Kendyl Davidson, Myah Luttrell, Ivy Osbum, Eli Davis, Madlyn Maples, Chole Perkins, Tiffany Decker, Claire Maxon, Samuel Phillips, Leighanne Dugger, Kayla McBroom, Caesar Rivers, Whitney Faulkner, Lillie McCarver, Kaylea Smith, Alayna Felker, Christopher McDaniel, Kasey Twyman

National English Honor Society
America Angel, Tiffany Decker, Christopher McDaniel, Violet Tidwell, Andrew Black, Kayla Flatt, Leslie McMahan, Kasey Twyman, Brittany Bond, Seneca Hall, Juanita Morales, Alexis Vales, Shelby Carpenter, Alexandria Hammons Chole Perkins, Austin Warren, Kaitlyn Crumley, Makenzie Matthews, Kaylea Smith, Samuel White

TN Tristar Scholar (*ACT Composite of 19 or higher and Capstone Industry Certification)
Austin Arnold, Hillary Foxx, Erica Lunceford, Madison Price, Christopher Canaday, Noah Griffin, Myah Luttrell, Kamden Rhodes, Tiffany Decker, Alexandria Hammons, Makenzie Matthews, Josie Shebesh, Emerald Eggenberger, Sarah Hartman, Tyler Meek, Austin Warren, Whitney Faulker, Audrah Lott, Tyler Mullins

State Honors
(*All ACT Benchmarks Met)
Ben Arnold, Hailey Evans, Lillie McCarver, Josie Shebesh, Andrew Black, Whitney Faulkner, Gracen McClain, Emily Shepardson, Christopher Canaday, Alayna Felker, Christopher McDaniel, Shelby Snyder, Alaina Cooper, Alexandria Hammons, Leslie McMahan, Destinee Trice, Hailey Dancy, Brady Helton, Gideon McManus, Mary Walker, Eli Davis, Hallie Hill, Aydan Price, Samuel White, Tiffany Decker, Erica Lunceford, Frank Pulse, Ryan Yarber, Leighanne Dugger, Madlyn Maples, Kamden Rhodes, Emerald Eggenberger, Claire Maxon, Caesar Rivers

Mu Alpha Theta
Ben Arnold, Alayna Felker, Camden Meals, Kasey Twyman, Andrew Black, Kayla Flatt, Kaitlyn Moore, Mary Walker, Christopher Canaday Alexandria Hammons, Jaunita Morales, Laura Beth Welch, Hailey Dancy, Madlyn Maples, Ivy Osbum, Ryan Yarber, Kendyl Davidson, Kayla McBroom, Kamden Rhodes, Tiffany Decker, Lillie McCarver, Caesar Rivers, Leighanne Dugger, Leslie McMahan, Samuel Tubbs

Scholar Athletes
Evan Allen, Whitney Faulkner, Kaylie McKinley, Sydney Thompson, Angel America, Alayna Felker, Leslie McMahan, Samuel Tubbs, Glendon Austin, Emma Griffin, Gidcon McManus, Alex Tucker, Kenneth Brooks, Brady Helton, Camden Meals, Kasey Twyman, Jacob Byrum, Colt Huntt, Tyler Meck, Mary K. Walker, Christopher Canaday, William Lollar, Samuel Phillips, Austin Warren, Alaina Cooper, Claire Maxon, Frank Pulse, Laura Welch, Hailey Dancy, Kayla McBroom, Kamden Rhodes, Madison Williams, Kendyl Davidson, Lillic McCarver, Caesar Rivers, Leighanne Dugger, Christopher McDaniel, Josie Shebesh

Ben Amold, Noah Griffin, Gideon McManus, Emily Shepardson, Andrew Black, Alexandria Hammons, Camden Meals, Kaylea Smith, Christopher Canaday, Sarah Hartman, Tyler Meck, Shelby Snyder, Alaina Cooper, Colton Huntt, Kaitlyn Moore, Samuel Tubbs, Tyler Crowe, Erica Lunceford, Juanita Morales, Alex Tucker, Hailey Dancy, Myah Luttrell, Alexia Novak, Kasey Twyman, Kendyl Davidson, Madlyn Maples, Ivy Osbum, Mary Walker, Eli Davis, Makenzie Matthews, Chole Perkins, Austin Warren, Tiffany Decker, Claire Maxon, Samuel Phillips, Laura Welch, Leighanne Dugger, Kayla McBroom, Aydan Price, Whitney Faulkner, Samuel White, Lillie Mc-Carver, Frank Pulse, Alayna Felker, Christopher McDaniel, Kamden Rhodes, Kayla Flatt, Leslie McMahan, Josie Shebesh

State Distinction (3.0 GPA or better and one of the following: industry certification, 12+ hours postsecondary credit, ACT composite of 314)
Alexander Amold, Emerald Eggenberger, Kayla McBroom, Caesar Rivers, Austin Amold, Whitney Faulkner, Lillie McCarver, Josie Shebesh, Ben Arnold, Alayna Felker, Madison McHancy, Emily Shepardson, Jayden Bendall, Hillary Foxx, Kaylic McKinley, Kaylea Smith, Andrew Black, Emma Gipson, Leslic McMahan, Dylan Blackwell, Shelby Snyder, Noah Griffin, Gideon McManus, Katherine Trivette, Christopher Canaday, Alexandria Hammons, Camden Meals, Alex Tucker, Amarri Cathey, Sarah Hartman, Tyler Meck, Kasey Twyman, Alaina Cooper, Kendyle Herron, Kaitlyn Moore, Alexis Vales, Tyler Crowe, Erica Lunceford, Savannah Newman, Kendyl Davidson, Mary Walker, Myah Luttrell, Ivy Osburn, Austin Warren, Eli Davis, Madlyn Maples, Tiffany Decker, Samuel Phillips, Laura Welch, Makenzie Matthews, Frank Pulse, Samuel White, Leighanne Dugger, Claire Maxon, Kamden Rhodes, Ryan Yarber

Honor Graduates
America Angel, Alayna Felker, Kayla McBroom, Shelby Snyder, Ben Amold, Kayla Flatt, Lillie McCarver, Alex Tucker, Andrew Black, Hillary Foxx, Leslie McMahan, Mary Katherine Walker
Christopher Canaday , Alex Hammons, Gideon McManus, Laura Beth Welch, Alaina Cooper, Sarah Hartman, Kaitlyn Moore, Samuel White, Kendyl Davidson, Erica Lunceford, Ivy Osbum, Ryan Yarber, Eli Davis, Madlyn Maples, Kamden Rhodes, Leighanne Dugger, Makenzie Matthews Caesar Rivers, Whitney Faulkner, Claire Maxon, Emily Shepardson

ACT Workeys NCRC Certifications

Platinum Level
Christopher Canaday, Eli Davis, Claire Maxon, Christopher McDaniel, Kamden Rhodes, Kamden Rhodes, Shelby Snyder, Adrien Stewart, Ryan Yarber

Gold Level
Evan Allen, Shelby Carpenter, Hanna Charles, Tyler Crowe, Alayna Felker, Noah Griffin, Gracen McClain, Camden Meals, Caesar Rivers

Silver Level
Emerald Anderson, Sarah Baker, Amberly Barboza, Amarri Cathey, Leighanne Dugger, Brady Helton, Madlyn Maples, Tyler Mullins, Benson Needham, Chloe Perkins, Laura Welch

Bronze Level
Jada Anderson, Jertavis Amold, Zachary Belew, Jacob Byrum, Shelby Chance, Jacob Collins, Sha-Dae Griggs, Kaela Gunn, Kayla Marckese, Emily Shepardson, Tristin McClain, Jillian Taylor, Violet Tidwell, Holli Trump, David White

TN State FFA Degree
Audrah Lott

Local Scholarships
Brodie Weeks Memorial Scholarship – Hailey Dancy, Sarah Hartman, Tyler Meek, Emily Shepardson, Destinee Trice, Samuel White
Henderson Civitan Scholarship- Alexia Novak, Ivy Osburn, Laura Beth Welch
Howard Bailey Memorial Scholarship- Samuel White

CCHS Alumni Scholarships
Dr. Ricky D. Catlett – Kasey Twyman
E. Claude and Delorese Gardner – Shelby Snyder
Enoch Family – Timothy Legg
General Alumni Scholarship – Eli Davis
George and Nancy White – Austin Warren
George and Nancy White – Lillie McCarver
George and Nancy White – Tyler Meek
George and Nancy White – Sarah Hartman
George and Nancy White – Gideon McManus
John L. Weeks – Noah Griffin
June M. Smith – Mackenzie Smith
Varnell Rankin (Class of ‘66) – Sam Phillips
Jacks Creek Community Club – Kathy Mays
Memorial Scholarship – Lillie McCarver
Janice Canaday Memorial Scholarship – Ivy Osburn
Jerry Siler Memorial Scholarship – Colton Huntt
Masonic Lodge Scholarship – Benson Kaleb Needham
QUINCO Mental Health Scholarship – Hailey Dancy and Caden Hueter
Steve Thomas Memorial Scholarship – Kayla McBroom
West Chester Elementary Scholarship – Glendon Austin
Chester County Soil Conservation Scholarship – Noah Griffin
CCHS Student Council Etta Johnson Memorial Scholarship – Lillie McCarver and Laura Beth Welch
CCTS/ Vincent High School Scholarship – Hailey Dancy and Hillary Foxx
Chester County Retired Teachers Association Scholarship – Gideon McManus
Cody Lollar Memorial Scholarship – Tyler Meek
Deidra Hilliard Beene Memorial Scholarship – Lillie McCarver
Doyle Murphy Memorial Scholarship – Whitney Faulkner
Eastern Star Scholarship – Alexandria Hammons
Gloria Ross White Memorial Scholarship – Alexia Novak
Tennessee’s Associations of Chief’s of Police – Tyler Crowe

Memorial Awards
Doyle Murphy Memorial Award – Claire Maxon
Floyd Beard Memorial Award – Colton Huntt
Jeffery Lewis Memorial Award – Ben Arnold

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