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Sorry I missed getting my news in last week. Just senior forgetfulness! 
I wrote this the Saturday after the terrible storms with some tornadoes. Orban and his brother have some campers at Saltillo, so they rode around up there today. He came home and told me of the devastation in that area. My prayers are with all of the people that were affected. He was telling me of the deaths around Adamsville and Selmer areas, I think. God bless all that lost loved ones. 
Pray for Woodie Deming, Kirsten Jones, Pat Rose and Joyce Stewart. Remember our law enforcement and first responders. 
Happy belated birthday wishes go to MariRyan Howell on March 29 and Madelyn Quarles on March 30. Also, Rachel Morton’s was April 1, April 2 was Rory Romero’s birthday and April 3 was Emerald Haynie’s birthday. Jimmy and Debbie Grantham celebrated their birthdays on March 30. I hope your birthdays were delightful. 
Wish a Happy Birthday this week to Heaven Ross on April 6, Chloe Perkins on April 7, Braden Busby on April 10 and my sweet grandson, Mitch Henson, on April 11. Have a wonderful day.
Bill and Judy Loftis celebrated their anniversary on April 2. 
Deanburg Baptist Church has a new pastor, Terry Acred from Huntersville. His wife is the pianist. Welcome to Deanburg!
 They now have a food pantry at Deanburg Baptist, and they are showing Christian films at 6 p.m. on Sunday nights. 
Our devotion: “Where the Wrath and Love of God Meet”
“Romans 3:23-26
“In our culture, sin is no longer considered an issue. Although some people might admit to making mistakes or being wrong, few will actually say, ‘I have sinned.’ The Lord, however, takes sin very seriously. Until we learn to see transgression as He does, we will never understand what happened at Christ’s crucifixion.
“The cross was God’s perfect answer to a terrible dilemma. Because the Lord is holy and just, He hates sin and must respond to it with punishment and wrath. Yet He also loves sinners and wants to be reconciled with them. The cross of Christ was the place where God’s wrath and love collided.
“The only way to rescue fallen mankind from eternal punishment was to devise a plan whereby the Lord could forgive sins without compromising His holiness. There was no way to overlook transgressions; His wrath had to be poured out—either on us or a substitute. But there was only one possible substitute: the perfect Son of God.
“So Jesus came to earth as a man and suffered the Lord’s wrath for us as He hung on the cross. Sin was punished, divine justice was satisfied, and now God could forgive mankind without compromising His character. His wrath was poured out on His Son so that His love and forgiveness could be lavished upon us.
“Because of human limitations, we’ll never grasp all that happened while Jesus hung on the cross. We can begin to comprehend only the physical suffering He endured, but in the spiritual realm, Christ bore so much more—the very wrath of God. This costly redemption plan proves God’s great love.”
Happy Easter to everyone, and while you are celebrating with family and friends, think about what God sacrificed for you and how much he loves you. 
God bless you all. Have a great week!

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