Football drama

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By Dennis Richardson, Magic Valley Publishing

Will the yellow school buses run this fall? If so, will the capacity be limited or will kids be sitting shoulder to shoulder? Will they wear a mask? Will the bus drivers wear marks?
These are perplexing times. 
Will football season begin on time? Will the seasons be complete? Will fans be required to wear masks? Will the players have on masks? 
Finally, the Washington Redskins say they will abandon the name they have been using for 87 years because some say it is offensive to Native Americans.  
What franchise will be next? What about the baseball teams Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians? What about the Chiefs? The Cowboys? Some franchises are named after animals, like Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, St. Louis Rams, and the Miami Dolphins. I wonder what these animal species think?
New York has the Yankees. I was born and raised in the south. What if Yankees is offensive? What about the Ole Miss Rebels? 
What name would be fitting to replace Redskins? Patriots is already taken. A baseball team has the trademark on Nationals. 
For fun, what about these names: the Filibusters, Yahoos, or the MAGAlomaniacs?
Probably more than one person has speculated on team names to go out and trademark several. One has said he doesn’t want to make a profit off of his trademarks but is eager to facilitate the change. I wonder if there are other motives?
As if the spring and summer have not been eventful enough the fall looks to have its own share of drama.
My guess is that although the highlights of breaking news will hit social media first (some truths, some myths and some flat-out untruths) look to the newspapers for the who, what, when, where, why and how.
These are my thoughts only, what are yours?
Dennis Richardson is the CEO of Magic Valley Publishing, Inc., which owns the Chester County Independent

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