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Happy Mother’s Day to the single parent moms

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By Kendall Patterson

Parenting cannot be easy. I’m not a parent yet so I know I only understand in a minimal way, but I know that raising a child is a 24/7, full-time job.
Parents work to provide for their kids’ needs, make sure they have shelter, clothes and food to eat, make sure they get an education, teach them how to behave and discipline them and so much more. The list goes on and on.
This is for the mothers who do it all though; the single parent moms who play both roles as parents and do it all.
These ladies go above and beyond to make sure their children can live their lives.
They carry their children for nine months and go through labor. Then manage to be there for their child from their days of being an irritable child, to a kid full of energy and through the teen years of when they develop their personalities and attitudes.
Shout out to my mom who was one of these moms for both me and my sister.
My sister and I were both active in school and other extracurricular activities, and since she wanted us to enjoy life, she did what was necessary for us to do it all.
Balancing and handling it all had to be tiring.
For example, a typical day for my mom when I was younger maybe working 10 hours then going back and forth between my sister cheering and me playing whatever sport I had going on. Next, she made sure we ate that night and went to bed, and then she did it all over again the next day.
Now that my sister and I are adults, she still is there when we need her.
I thank God for my mom and love her so much; not only for being my mom but for constantly providing for us all on her own.
That being said, this is just a small part representation of all she has done, and this is just her story.
Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you! Thanks for everything. God has blessed me with you as a mom for sure!
Furthermore, Happy Mother’s Day to all the single parent moms! You deserve recognition for all you do!

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