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Henderson Police Department seeing recent increase in counterfeit money

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Recently the Henderson Police Department has seen an increase in the amount of counterfeit money reports. Chief of Police Gary Davidson stated he feels the reason is many people are buying and selling items on social media for the Christmas holidays. For example, when someone sells an item and is paid in counterfeit money, they then take that money to local business and spend it, most of the time not even realizing it is counterfeit, he added. 
Chief Davidson wants to caution people on the transactions they make through social media. “What we are seeing is, someone places something on social media to sell, the person who is buying it has created a fake screen profile, then when they meet to make the exchange, it is paid for with counterfeit money. People need to be very careful when buying and selling on social media, because when the money is proven to be counterfeit not only have you lost the item you sold, you have lost your money also.”
Look for the following when you take cash: 
The security strip imbedded in the bill – hold it up to the light and you should be able to see the strip inside the bill itself. 
Any Chinese symbols or markings – if there are any on the cash, they are counterfeit.
Wording – if it contains the words “For Motion Picture Use Only”, or any other similar wording then the bills are fake. 
Texture, or “feel” – if the paper just does not feel right, be sure to verify the cash is real. 
“Check the serial numbers – the biggest indicator we see that cash is counterfeit is that the serial number is the same on multiple bills,: added Chief Davidson. “If someone pays you with several bills, look at the serial number, if they all match do not except the cash and call the Police. Every bill printed has its on unique serial number and they are never duplicated.”
If being paid in cash, citizens are advised to look for all these indicators, use a counterfeit marking pen, which can be bought online or at office supply stores, or have the person that is going to give you the cash go with you to a local bank and have them check the cash.
Chief Davidson says he does not want anyone to endure the struggle and hardship of losing money during the Christmas season, and stresses that everyone be cautious when selling anything on social media.

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