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HPD recommends “Orby Gun” conversations for parents and teens

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The City of Henderson Police Department posted a Notice on Wednesday, June 26 stating the Police Department has reported an increase in calls of shootings or drive by shootings from moving vehicles. These calls have turned out to be teenagers playing games using “Orby Guns.”
Teenagers are arming themselves with “Orby Guns” and shooting at each other from cars all over the city. These guns are toy Gel Ball Blaster guns. Many minors have painted their guns to look like real firearms.
The T.C.A. (Tennessee Code Annotated on Assault) 39-13-101 states: (a) A person commits assault who: (2) Intentionally or knowingly causes another to reasonably fear imminent bodily injury. By law, this is a Class A Misdemeanor.
Henderson Assistant Police Chief, Tim Crowe clarified that the City of Henderson Police Department will begin warnings issued at first, but the second offense will be given a Class A Misdemeanor.
“We’re getting calls from people saying, hey, we’ve seen two cars sitting in the street and the guys have got assault rifles,” states Crowe.
“It’s not the objective of the Police Department to arrest or charge any of these kids for having fun. We just want to encourage the parents to talk to their children about the dangers, because if somebody sees somebody pull a rifle out, they might think that person is in harm and try to defend them,” explained Crowe. Because of this, the City of Henderson Police Department asks for minors to not paint their guns black; to keep them bright colors so adult gun carriers will know they are toy guns. Parents also need to discuss a safe location to play this game and to not play as moving targets in public areas.

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