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“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” – John Bowring
Sympathy is extended to families of Onnie Lee Faulkner (8-16-40 to 3-30-23) – Chester County Memory Gardens; Clovis D. “Buddy’ Parsons (7-2-32 to 3-30-23) he served in the U.S. Army and TN Army National Guard – Cave Springs; Marguerite Germaine Ord Northam (1-30-48 to 3-27-23) – no funeral service; and Keith Edward Morris (12-7-57 to 4-1-23), brother of Carol Preuss (Loving Paws Rescue) from Collierville.
Carol has rescued many dogs in Chester County and found good homes for them safely away from those who abused these dogs. I helped foster many dogs until Carol found good homes in Pennsylvania, Connecticut or another north eastern state. Her brother, Keith, loved animals, too. Carol said she came from a close family, especially the two older brothers. She spent many last days with her brother even though she is still suffering from her July accident. For now she and her siblings cling together. You can find his obit at Peebles in Somerville. If you desire to express sympathy – Carol Preuss 12437 Magnolia Bend Drive Arlington, TN 38002
Prayers for Sharon Boothe following procedure; continued prayers for Clint Murley, Brenda Hannah and Carol Preuss. Hugs sent to Sheila and Sherrill Ryals and Prince Charles Malone. Thinking about Doris Maness, Tommy Patterson and Brad and Peg Brower. I miss my Lexington friends — Lounell Grissom; Rebecca Vineyard and Sue Wright.
Three Weather tidbits: (1) 3-21-1952 – tornado hit Henderson and surrounding communities. Over 20 lives lost; (2) 4-3-1956 – Lexington was hit by tornado started in Life Community on Highway 200. Three lives were lost; (3) 2-23-1962 – Jacks Creek hit by tornado on Ed Farrow farm and Raford Nobles farm. Dog, Butch, was trapped under smokehouse but lived to wag about it. Also, Mother and I heard a train sound over our home Thanksgiving 1972. It was just like a loud train. I hid under the bed. Mother took the bathroom.
The day the Jacks Creek tornado hit, I was alone in the yard, but the stillness scared me. All birds disappeared. I ran into the house when suddenly bicycles fell over, Buddy went flying in the air, chickens flew, hen house fell over and I dialed zero for help. The operator was sending help, but I told her my uncle Worth Wright in his old white paneled truck had driven up to rescue my brother and me. She called back later to check on us with Mother. I see that same old truck across the road in Teisha’s yard. Uncle Worth is her granddaddy.
My grandmother, Beulah H. Nobles, told me her mother, Vicy Richardson Holmes, had been in a bad storm. If any kind of bad weather was near them, all her kids had to bathe, put on clothes, socks and shoes and stay dressed in bed. Mamaw told me a memory I still recall after all these years. I can not remember the person this happened to, and no person is left alive that can help me. I called Geralene Morris Thompson, but she did not return the call. Mamaw Nobles said a lady was sucked up into the tornado without a scratch; she was not frightened. Above her head was a cow, goat and chickens not excited either. Soon she and the animals were gently placed onto an embankment with no harm. The animals started grazing and the lady walked home. It did not make news, but Mamaw said it happened, and I believed her. Daddy knew the story, too. God rides the storms was how we all felt.
Question – Would you rather be mistaken for a notorious criminal or a detested politician???

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