Letter to the editor: A lack of equal opportunities

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Dear Editor,

I am a concerned parent of a black Chester County High School student. For the last two years, my child has tried out for the cheerleading squad, and each year, there is an upset.

I am writing due to fact it has been three years since a black child has participated on this squad. I personally feel like there is a race issue here, and, as matter of fact, I am not saying that my child has to make it. I just feel like a black child deserves it period. I do not think that it is right for coaches to sit in and, in my opinion, basically tell the other judges who they want. I feel like each child should be given a real shot, and this is not the case now.

I feel like this issue needs to be addressed. Because this happens in all sports, I feel like black children in the Chester County school system deserve the same chance, and that is not offered.


Normecia Hollingsworth


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Letter To The Editor

Letter To The Editor

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