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Letter To The Editor: Chester County Solid Waste Fee Finally Settled at $7 a Month?

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Dear Editor,
My name is George Allen Bullman. I am writing this letter in regards to the Chester County Mayor and Chester County Commissioners Meeting that was held on Monday, Sept. 14, 2020. I came to said meeting to express my concern over this new Chester County Solid Waste fee. I raised my hand to be recognized and was completely ignored by the Chester County Mayor and all of the County Commissioners. Finally, Sherriff Blair Weaver did recognize me. When I was allowed to speak, some Commissioners opposed my voice by becoming everything from ARGUMENTIVE to BLATENTLY talking over me JUST AS IF I WAS NON-EXISTANT. I DID NOT GO TO THAT MEETING TO ARGUE WITH ANYONE NOR TO BE IGNORED BY EVERYONE! TRUST ME, YOU WILL NEVER WIN THAT ARGUMENT AND YOU WILL NEVER SILENCE ME.
NOW, let us address this so-called Chester County Solid Waste Fee. I moved from McNairy County to Chester County on Jan. 3, 1962. My family’s heritage in this county dates back prior to The Civil War. In my lifetime the Chester County Landfill has never charged a Chester County Solid Waste Fee. That money has always came out of the tax money that is already being collected.
In reference to Danny Bernard’s comment: Mr. Danny Bernard, WE THE RESIDENTS HAVE ALREADY BEEN HAVING THIS SO-CALLED CONVENIENCE FOR THE PAST 58 PLUS YEARS WITHOUT ANY SO-CALLED SOLID WASTE FEE! Also, ever since day one of the Recycle and Satellite Facilities being opened, Chester County has always profited from it. That means it has always been a money maker for the county, Mr. Danny Bernard, NOT A MONEY TAKER!!
This is plain and simple MISMANAGEMENT OF MONEY 101. ANY PERSON IN THE WORLD WITH THE BRAIN CAPACITY OF A GOOSE CAN FIGURE THIS OUT! The Solid Waste Convenience Center Managers should have been SAVING THOSE PROFITS INSTEAD OF SPENDING THEM. Do you know what that white stuff is that you find in CHICKEN DROPPINGS? It is CHICKEN DROPPINGS ALSO!
Here is a perfect example of Money Mismanagement. When the Recycling Center was rebuilt after the fire, the overhead lighting system that was installed in that building is so bright that if you are not wearing sun glasses, a person could possibly suffer from temporary blindness, inside the building, with all the lights turned on. Half that many lights would have been more than sufficient, Mr. Danny Bernard.
In reference to Commissioner Joseph Melaro’s comments: Commissioner Joseph Melaro, I SALUTE YOU. And I support you one hundred percent on this issue. BE THE SOLUTION; NOT THE PROBLEM. This Chester County Solid Waste Fee is no more than one of the many forms of TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! Must I remind you Chester County Citizens that one reason for The Revolutionary War was TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION?
You elected officials voted on and passed this piece of legislation, knowing just as well as you each know your own name, this so-called Chester County Solid Waste Fee has been debated for multiple (definition: more than one) months amongst yourselves. All the while, failing to make certain that each taxpaying citizen of this county is fully aware of this new tax burden that is about to be imposed on us.
I live at 1995 Pleasant Springs Road, Henderson, TN. No county commissioner, executive, mayor or any other politician for that matter has ever knocked on my door when I’m at home NOR left a calling card when I’m not at home. And I have been living here ever since Oct. 2016. Guaranteed, if I was an elected official, MY CONSTITUANTS WOULD BE INFORMED!
I find this to be the most offensive part: at the beginning of the meeting on Monday, Sept. 14, 2020, you started with a prayer. In that prayer, you asked God to help The United States of America and especially Chester County during these trying times. After the prayer, you officials voted for and passed another avenue for you all to take more money from the citizens DURING THESE TRYING TIMES!
Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ went into The Temple of God and cast out all of them that sold and bought in the temple and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers and the seats of them that sold doves. Do not forget: every one of you elected officials can very easily be removed from office with the stroke of a pen. And, those of you with them big fancy titles such as Director, you can be replaced just as easily as those whom hired you to start with.
I am Retired Military. Part of the oath that I am sworn to is to protect my country from all enemies, Foreign and Domestic. I will continue to do this until I breathe my final breath. One of the United States Military’s duties is to prevent Tyranny if at all possible and to stop it in its tracks when it starts up. Tyranny comes in all sizes, forms, and fashions.
Another money burden added on to what we the taxpayers are already paying is just another form of Tyranny. The British tried Tyranny on us once. THEY LOST!
George A. Bullman

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