Letter To The Editor: Christianity is still under attack

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Dear Editor,

Easter has just passed, but Jesus has not. He is still alive in Heaven, sitting by the Father. Christians have been persecuted for more than 2,000 years, and they still are even to this day. There is a battle over our land today with evil against Christianity. The Bible speaks of this evil, and the time is near for the coming of Christ. In Revelations it says that the end of time is upon us.

Franklin Graham said that Christianity has been attacked and marginalized by “Anti-Christ media” and a liberal government. Now is the time for Christians to get more active in politics for one reason only – not for any party but for God’s party.

We as Christians need to get off the pews in church. We need to encourage Christians to run for all offices in the government and even our local elections. The morality in the U.S. is no longer in a free fall – it has hit rock bottom. Today, anything goes in America.

We as Christians are no longer just pushed aside. We are experiencing persecution worse than ever before. Corruption and dishonesty in our government is rampant and open to everything. We are no longer safe in our country. Instability now plagues us both nationally and internationally in ways that we have never seen in our lifetime. Our culture, security, morality and all religions are in the process of serious deterioration. I can see the future darkening every day toward evil. Just look at churches today. Doors are being locked, and men are armed to protect us. Did you ever imagine this day would come? Listen to this: in Missouri at a National Park, the public is allowed to swim in lakes because they are tax payers – members of society. Anyone who wants to be baptized, even if they pay taxes, has to acquire a permit. That is Christian persecution. In California Christians who were standing in front of the DMV office, reading the Bible, were charged. Persecution again. Look at what students can and can not do in schools. They can not have prayer or Bibles, and even their clothes can not have Christian words on them. Look at our flag – our nation under God threatened. This flag is a declaration of national pride and a pride of history of the Christian faith.

Evil is trying to take over the Christians, but it never will. Christianity will not be destroyed. I can only imagine that when I stand before my Lord and Savior I will hear that Midnight Cry when Jesus comes again. Pray for our country. It needs it now more than ever before. God Bless All and this Land.


Imogene Naylor


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Letter To The Editor

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